Large Gear




Large Gear is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A large gear for something.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Sold by Emil when he is near the crater or the Resistance Camp
  • If Emil is not near that location, you can head towards the Abandoned Commercial Facility over the bridge to make him respawn. Begin to head back over the bridge towards the city ruins and check his location. If it is not correct, repeat until it is.
  • City Ruins - Locked Chest: Located down the long ladder from the first building encountered across entry to the City Ruins during Gathering Intel.
  • City Ruins - Locked Chest: Located just through the entryway to the right of the Cave access point.



  • A total of 21 Large Gears required for all upgrades.



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    • Anonymous

      On B route (as 9S) you can farm them in Desert Housing Complex, where you fight Adam for the first time.

      Enemies there spawn infinitely and drop nice loot along with large gears.

      • Anonymous

        Emi's Shop sells Large Gears and other High-Grade Materials.
        Here is what I did. (These steps are not refined, some may be skippable.)
        1.) Spawn Desert Camp and find him nearby, shoot him and talk to him
        2.) Head to his home (Search a video online for that)
        3.) Pick up Emil's Mask
        4.) Fast Travel to City Ruins: Near the Tower
        5.) Cross the bridge into the Abandoned Commercial Building and head back on the bridge halfway towards City Ruins
        6.) Check your Map to see if he spawned near Resistance Camp and if not, repeat step 5
        7.) Walk over to resistance camp, shoot/talk to him, and he has a chance of selling (High-Grade Materials or +6 Plug-in Chips)

        Here's some info on Emil's Shop's spawn rate/locations/etc.

        • Anonymous

          Someone should add that you can get the large dears from the stubbies found in the Copied City during Route C.

          • Easiest method to farm these is by taking the quest Machine Examination 2, it will ask you to gather 4 Pristine Screws and 1 Large Gear, go to the save point City Ruins: Near the Tower, standing right by the tower will be a Goliath Biped and a Small Stubby, the GB will drop 1 Pristine Screw (I have 42 of these and they have dropped with 100% dependability) and the Stubby will drop a Large Gear (also 100% dependability). Simply save and reload and they will respawn.

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