Iron Pipe


30 - 220

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Small Sword



Iron Pipe is a Small Sword in NieR: Automata


Iron Pipe Information


"A common iron pipe."

  • "A rusty iron pipe covered in the vital fluids of machine lifeforms."



Where to Find\Location




  • Reference to the weapon used in the prologue of Nier: Gestalt/Replicant
  • Critical + increases critical chance.
  • High Stun gives a large chance to stun enemies.




Level Attack Value Combo Other Improvement Materials Required for Upgrade
1 30 - 220 Light: 2
Heavy: 1
2 54 - 396 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
- Critical + 2,500G + Copper Ore x5, Broken Key x5, Crystal x5
3 84 - 616 Light: 4
Heavy: 2
- Critical + 5,000G + Iron Ore x4, Silver Ore x3, Small Gear x3, Amber x2
Max 114 - 836 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
- Critical +
- High Stun
10000G + Gold Ore x2, Small Gear x5, Large Gear x3, Machine Arm x2, Moldavite x1




Weapon Story


 Level 1


Dad, if you're cold, I can give you my hat. You're the best father in the world, after all."


 Level 2


Dad, if you're hungry, you can have my cookie. You're my favourite person in the world, after all."


 Level 3


Dad, if you're scared, I can sleep by your side. You're my closest friend in the world, after all."


 Level 4


So please don't go anywhere. All right Dad? Don't leave your Yonah all alone. ...Okay?"



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    • Anonymous

      At Level 4, it gives +10% Critical Hit Chance. Excellent weapon, especially when combined with a high level Critical Up chip.

      • Anonymous

        The first few minutes of Nier:Replicant suddenly just made the Weapon's Story make sense to me. :(

        I'm going to be sick.

        • Anonymous

          I think it is only available for fishing in the A or the A and B routes. I fished in C/D for half an hour and caught nothing, loaded the mad songstress chapter as 2B and caught the iron pipe in about 5 seconds.

          • Anonymous

            I found this weapon early on, almost immediately, but died shortly after, and reloaded a save from before I had it. Since then I've spent HOURS fishing in sewers, and it WON'T SPAWN. Is this because I already had it, or because I'm using 9S or something?

            • Anonymous

              Can someone help me ? I m lvl 99 , i got all weapons except iron pipe. I got it in the firt run but accidently sold it . Now i need it to unlock the Y ending. is there a way to get it back? already tried to fish it again

              • Anonymous

                Agh, why is the whole wiki so incorrect & incomplete? Iron Pipe's first upgrade increases the stun/stagger chance. O well. Despite it's history & looks, this weapon is actually not that useless. Can deal brutal damage if it crit's with a maximum damage-roll.

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