Type-3 Sword

type 3 sword small swords nier automata wiki guide
Attack 130 - 220
Combo Light 3
Combo Heavy 1
Weapon Type Small Sword
Special Effect/s

Endurance Up (Increase DEF)

Finish Blast (Adds an additional attack after finishing a combo)

Type-3 Sword is a Small Sword in NieR: Automata. This weapon is catered for beginners as well as players who want to have a laid back experience. It provides endurance and the Finish Blast ability adds an additional attack after finishing a combo. Small Swords are fast-swinging and one of the easiest Weapons to use among the different classes of weapons. It has decent attack speed perfect for chaining combos and used to deal with multiple enemies at once. 


 An outdated YoRHa model.

A dated YoRHa blade trusted by android veterans. Not the latest model, but proven in combat.


Where to Find Type-3 Sword in NieR Automata


Type-3 Sword NieR Automata Weapon Story

Type-3 Sword Level 1 Weapon Story

"The craftsman's weapons were neither flashy nor attractive, but they never once failed in battle. This reliability afforded him a never-ending stream of loyal clients."

Type-3 Sword Level 2 Weapon Story

"et something nagged at the craftsman. Though he'd forged many a weapon, he'd only tested them on pigs and cows. He wondered what it might feel like to use them on another human being."

Type-3 Sword Level 3 Weapon Story

"The craftsman took a sword to a battlefield and slashed at corpses, disappointed at how easily the sword slid through them. It wasn't satisfying at all. He wanted to really feel like he was ripping through flesh."

Type-3 Sword Level 4 Weapon Story

"The craftsman modified a sword in search of that feeling, not thinking at all of the pain it would cause—until one night, a bandit broke into his home, snatched the weapon up, and showed him exactly how effective it was."


Type-3 Sword Weapon Upgrades in NieR Automata

Level Atk Value Combo Other Improvement Required Materials
1 130 - 220 Light: 3
Heavy: 1
2 234 - 396 Light: 4
Heavy: 1
Endurance Up
3 364 - 616 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
Endurance Up
4 (Max) 494 - 836 Light: 7
Heavy: 3
Endurance Up
Finish Blast


Type-3 Sword Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Type-3 Sword in NieR: Automata goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      Some of these weapon stories feel like they have very little to do with the weapon they are attached to. It feels like some of them were just pre written and then just slapped on to what ever weapons were left

      • Anonymous

        In Shonen YoRHa, No.3 uses this sword. Though his is... a bit larger LOL. This story reminds me of how No.3 was always striving to be stronger and better than No.4. He fought and fought and was never satisfied, in spite of being very powerful. Then, he dies by a sword too.

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