Machine Arm




Machine Arm is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata

 See below for farming / acquisition suggestions.


 The arm unit of a machine lifeform.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing Idiot Savant
  • Reward for completing The Recluse
  • A viable farming spot for Machine Arms may be the Boss Arena adjacent to the Desert Housing area (return to the area after the boss fight to engage in a Colosseum-style battle arena of wave after wave of desert enemies).
    • This author notes that after equipping the maximum number of Item Drop rate chips, and farming the area at level 63, Machine Arms dropped at a rate of approximately 1 every 5 minutes.
    • Results may vary - other users are encouraged to update this section accordingly.
    • Similar results have been reproduced without the use of any Drop Rate chips, at level 32, first playthrough (As 2B).
  • After Pascal has become a vendor (if his memory is wiped at the factory), he will sell Machine Arms at 675G per unit.
  • AS A2 - Returning to the Forest Castle as A2 in your Third Playthrough, one may farm machine arms from the enemies patrolling the castle. The precise drop rate has yet to be confirmed. Farming the bottom area of the Forest Castle as A2 (jump down at the right side of the transporter, then move left.) with maximum Drop Rate on lvl 99, you can gain more than 5 Machine Arms per 5 minutes, as well as various other items, such as Machine Cores, Small gear and whatnot.



  • A total of 32 Machine Arms required for all upgrades.



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    • Anonymous

      31 Jan 2021 18:14  

      I tried farming in the boss arena near the Desert Housing Complex for about 10 minutes with max Drop Rate chips at level 28 and didn't get a single Machine Arm. I did get 4 Machine Torsos, 3 Machine Legs, and 4 Machine Cores though.

      • Anonymous

        11 Jan 2021 20:44  

        Route C (as 9S): Machine Arm Drop (in Abandoned Factory: Underground Area) from Cult Machines. Required 80%+ Drop Rate Up Chip

        • Anonymous

          24 Aug 2019 21:25  

          You can farm machine parts by soing the Parade Escort quest and making sure to fail it, this will allow you to consciously spawn the higher level enemies that reliably drop limbs

          • Anonymous

            19 May 2017 09:55  

            While working my way through the lower factory levels as 9S in route C to collect the locked chests I got over a dozen machine arms with 50% drop up. I haven't tested this enough but this might be a good place to farm for arms.

            • Anonymous

              11 Apr 2017 22:06  

              another great spot to farm would be in the White City that Adam built. the boss area becomes an endless wave of small and flying machine.

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2017 07:05  

                You can cheese the spawn of the robots that drop Machine arms going from left to right and right to left in the lower level of the castle like this

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