Warped Wire

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Warped Wire is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A completely bent, twisted wire.


Effects & Uses

Where to Find/Location



  • A total of 34 Warped Wires required for all upgrades.



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    • Anonymous

      it drops from every "tower" like bot, especially from those neutral ones at first area after you leave desert camp point and head to desert. Problem is i don't know which chapter to find them, now i am 99 lvl and trying to max every weapon and there are just regular enemies.

      • Anonymous

        Route C, you can harvest streched coil and warped wire as the same time at the Pascal's village entrance in the city ruin. Save and load at the city tour, take a moose and just kill the 4 robots (horse like robot and 3 layer robots). This is my contribution to say thanks to this wiki and all the person who participate to it.

        • Anonymous

          Go to the forest zone center, find a waterfall and go through it. there's an elevator and a gatekeeper machine. 9s can only access through this door only and below there, there's a colloseum or colleseum (don't know how to spell lol) and there's a shop there you can buy. took me a lot of time finding some shops around the map. worth it

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