Complex Gadget



Complex Gadget is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A gadget so complex you don't know what it's for.


Effects & Uses

  • Pod B - Level 3 → Max ( Required: 3 )
  • Pod C - Level 3 → Max ( Required: 3 )


Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing Gathering Keepsakes
  • Reward for completing Sorting Trouble 3
  • At the start of routes C/D, City Ruins: Near Factory, on top of the Goliath's severed 'shovel arm'. Glide across from the Goliath's head.
  • Forest Zone: Royal Chamber. Treasure point in the cradle where the baby king was before.
  • Can be found in a little chest near a locked one in the City Ruins: Cave.
  • Can be found by scanning the river by the rope bridge near the "city ruins: near the tower" access point



  • A total of 6 Complex Gadgets required for all upgrades.
  • These can be farmed in Ch. 02-01 by initiating the Weapon Shop quest, gathering the Complex Gadgets that spawn, then choosing NOT to turn the quest in. 


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