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Complex Gadget is a Crafting Material in NieR: Automata. Crafting Materials are used to upgrade your Weapons and Pods and you will find them in various Locations throughout your playthrough of the game. They can also be dropped by some Enemies as you defeat them.


A gadget so complex you don't know what it's for.


Where to Find Complex Gadget in NieR Automata

  • Reward for completing Gathering Keepsakes.
  • Reward for completing Sorting Trouble 3.
  • At the start of routes C/D, City Ruins: Near Factory, on top of the Goliath's severed 'shovel arm'. Glide across from the Goliath's head.
  • Forest Zone: Royal Chamber. Treasure point in the cradle where the baby king was before.
  • Can be found in a little chest near a locked one in the City Ruins: Cave.
  • Can be found by scanning the river by the rope bridge near the "city ruins: near the tower" access point.


Complex Gadget Effects & Uses in NieR Automata

Can be used to upgrade the following:


Complex Gadget Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Complex Gadget in NieR: Automata goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      The most early you can get all the 6 complex gadgets is when you are in your 2nd playthrough with 9s. You need to have the dlc "3C3C1D119440927" and go to the arena of the forest. Cleared a first time the rank 3 of this arena and do it again. Among 3 items, you can randomely get a complex gadget (sometimes you will get an other rare item instead of this). In the same way, you can get meteorite on the rank 2 !

      • Anonymous

        False im route C beginning and complex gadget is not on top of the severed arm of the Goliath just silver.

        • Anonymous

          Repeating the quest only allows you to gather 4 complex gadgets. Even after selling one and redoing the quest, you cant get more than 4 of of it.

          I need 5 to upgrade my pod :/

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