Pod B

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Attack 150 - 180
Type Pod

Pod B is a Pod in NieR: Automata. Pod B can be acquired while fishing in the ocean of the Flooded City. Pod B fires a laser that does constant damage does not have that much range compared to the other pods. Pods are small robots that provide tactical support to your Character during combat. They can be used for ranged attacks by shooting projectiles, used for gliding to cover more distance, and hanging to allow you to jump higher.


Where to Find Pod B in NieR Automata

Can be obtained while Fishing in the ocean of the Flooded City.


Pod B Upgrades in NieR Automata

To upgrade your Pods, you would need to speak to the merchant at the Bunker or Resistance Camp and select the upgrade option. Pods can be upgraded with Gold and their required Materials. Pods gain a bonus each time you upgrade them. On the first upgrade, they gain a bonus on their regular attack. Second upgrade grants the Pod Bn ability that charges while firing. The last upgrade grants them an additional charging on top of the second upgrade while firing.

Level Atk Value Other Improvement Required Materials
1 150 Fires a continuous arc of energy at the enemy.
  • N/A
2 165 Slightly increases the range of the beam, Intial Beam Damage Increased for a few seconds.
3 172 While firing, the pod will charge up and on release fire out a large number of ricocheting bullets that weakly home in on and penetrate enemies. The bullets will bounce in a random direction 3 times after traveling the length of the primary fire laser.
4 (Max) 180 Charging for longer will cause the bullets to bounce 6 times before dissapearing.


Pod B Notes and Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Pod B in NieR: Automata goes here.



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    • Anonymous

      Definitely the best pod, especially after you upgrade. The starting blast does double damage from lvl. 2 up and the ricochet bullets will ricochet through enemies, hitting multiple smaller foes or a big foe multiple times for insane damage. It's not so great during the flying sections but still, if you only upgrade 1 pod, upgrade laser.

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