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Pod B is a Pod in NieR: Automata


Pod B Information


Pod b fires a laser that does constant damage but is short range



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Level Attack Value Materials Required for Upgrade Effect
1 150 None Fires a continuous arc of energy at the enemy
2 165 2,500G + Tree Seed x10, Torn Book x10, Natural Rubber x10, Simple Gadget x10, Powerup Part S x1 Slightly increases the range of the beam, Intial Beam Damage Increased for a few seconds.
3 172 5,000G + Plant Seed x5, Tech Manual x5, Filler Metal x5, Elaborate Gadget x5, Powerup Part M x1 While firing, the pod will charge up and on release fire out a large number of ricocheting bullets that weakly home in on and penetrate enemies. The bullets will bounce in a random direction 3 times after traveling the length of the primary fire laser 
Max 180 10,000G + Tree Sap x3, Thick Dictionary x3, Machine Oil x3, Complex Gadget x3, Powerup Part L x1 Charging for longer will cause the bullets to bounce 6 times before dissapearing



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    • Anonymous

      Definitely the best pod, especially after you upgrade. The starting blast does double damage from lvl. 2 up and the ricochet bullets will ricochet through enemies, hitting multiple smaller foes or a big foe multiple times for insane damage. It's not so great during the flying sections but still, if you only upgrade 1 pod, upgrade laser.

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