Powerup Part M




Powerup Part M is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 Use this to make your Pod stronger.


Effects & Uses

  • Pod A - Level 2 → Level 3 ( Required: 1 )
  • Pod B - Level 2 → Level 3 ( Required: 1 )
  • Pod C - Level 2 → Level 3 ( Required: 1 )


Where to Find/Location

  • Flooded City - Locked Chest: Located before the fourth lift inside the Soul Box recovery unit during the quest Obtain Keys (third playthrough)
  • Forest Zone - Locked Chest: Located in a deeper section of Forest Zone. From Forest: Center access point, follow the river down until a big drop. Find a ledge to the right you can drop down onto, and continue going down the uneven slopes until you find the locked chest. Must be 9S
  • Copied City - Locked Chest: From the Adam Boss fight, head straight down the path to a set of chests. Must be 9S.



  • A total of 3 Powerup Part M required for all upgrades.


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