Copied City is a location in Nier: Automata. This black and white environment is made of crystallized silicon and carbon, and lies deep within the cave in City Ruins, its purpose and origin a mystery. You later on meet its creator, Adam, who seeks to learn and adopt all humanity.

General Information


Copied City Map


NPCs in the area

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  • Adam (Boss)
  • Afther boss figth (all lvl60-65)
    • Small Stubby (normal and enhaced ver)
    • Medium Bipedal (normal and enhaced ver) plug-in drops: Critical lvl 2-4
    • Large Bipedal (normal and enhaced ver, whith shield or not) plug-in drops: wearpon atk up lvl 2-4
    • Goliath Bipedal (normal and enhaced ver)
    • Small Flyer (normal and enhaced ver)
    • Small Sphere (normal and enhaced ver, with gun and axe) plug-in drops: Auto Heal lvl 2-4

Copied City Walkthrough

 First Visit

You will first arrive at the Copied City during the main quest: 9S MIA - part 2.

From the entrance to the right there is a chest with some consumable items and a dead end. Head left, grabbing items and chests as you go. 2B will comment that there are a lot of YoRHa corpses. From here go right to arrive at another dead end and some chests, then double back to continue towards the objective.

Once you get near, you can summon a defeated player to assist you in the upcoming boss fight with Adam (Boss). This changes the main to 9S Captured. Adam is level 25 now, and severes his connection to the network to face you. Defeat Adam to save 9S and exit back to the Resistance Camp

Copied City Map


  • After boss figth the area got a respwn style.
  • the boss room its an auto respawn area like the one in the desert, but only spawn small stubby and small flyers
  • if you go to the starter area and go back all monster respawn, without the need to take the elevator, then you need to go to boss room and return to the starter area, so all map respawn.
  • you can farm lvl2-4 chips in the area.



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