Small Stubby

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Small Stubby is a Standard Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Small Stubby Information

"The most common of the small machine life forms, these units bear a similarity to spring-powered toys created by humans in the past. This was likely done for the sake of increased productivity, through machine life forms are built from modular parts and have many variations,

Equipped with projectile weapons, these units attack by firing energy rounds. While the masses of energy travel slowly, they have enough firepower to easily damage an android's armor. A pod's projectile attacks have no effect on shielded units, making close combat the most effective method of disposal.

Units equipped with electromagnetic shields are immune to a Pod's projectile attacks, and also damage all who come into contact with its shield. Extreme care is recommended.

Desert version: Equipped with a circular saw, these units use a reciprocating engine to spin the blade and slice through android armor."


Small Stubby Locations



Small Stubby Drops




  • Extremely weak to ranged attacks and easy to dispatch in melee. Simply watch out for when their eyes glow red and avoid their charge.



Unit Data

Standard Units

  • Small Stubby
  • Small Stubby: Gun Equipped
  • Small Stubby: Shield Equipped
  • Small Stubby: Electromagnetic-shield-equipped

Desert Machines

  • Small Stubby
  • Small Stubby: Saw-equipped

Amusement Park Machines

  • Small Stubby

Factory Machines

  • Small Stubby
  • Small Stubby: Kamikaze Unit

Village Machines

  • Small Stubby

Enhanced Machines

  • Small Stubby

EMP Attack Units:

  • Small Stubby





small stubby saw
Small Stubby: Saw-equipped
small stubby park
Amusement Park: Small Stubby
small stubby
Normal Small Stubby


small stubby factory
Factory: Small Stubby
rampaging small stubby
Rampaging Small Stubby
small stubby village
Machine Village: Small Stubby


small stubby forest
Forest Kingdom: Small Stubby
small stubby red
Small Stubby Enhanced


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