Rampaging Medium Biped


Standard Machine







Rampaging Medium Biped is an Standard Machine enemy in NieR: Automata


Rampaging Medium Biped Information

"A machine lifeform that has become violent after infection by Eve. Will attempt to attack androids as if they were prey. The armor-plating on its head has been removed, revealing teeth-like metal pipes that nevertheless have no functionality as a mouth, It is theorized that either this modification was implemented due to self-optimization, or that possibly some alien race created them in likeness to themselves, though neither of these are proven.

A machine lifeform that turned aggressive after the emergence of the tower. They will attempt to cannibalize other nearby machine lifeforms and combine with them."


Rampaging Medium Biped Locations

  • Amusement Park - under archway past entrance square, other bupeds will not update unit data



Rampaging Medium Biped Drops

  • ?? 



  • Unlike the small bipeds, there are no stray walking medium bipeds


    • Anonymous

      Rampaging Medium Biped [Nier Wiki]28 May 2017 14:34  

      17-03, under the stone gate that leads to inner park near the rabbit boss (he's friendly)

      • Anonymous

        06 May 2017 19:04  

        I had some problems to find the Rampaging Medium Biped in the amusement park. Data for this enemy got unlocked for me when I killed the Goliath Tank.

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2017 00:29  

          Killed the friendly one behind the Rabbit statue during route C and got the unit data, the one behind the iron portal didn't work.

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