Lore of NieR: Automata will be discussed below. More information will be added as it becomes available.




In the year 11945 during the 14th Machine War (some time after the 4th ending of the original NieR), Earth has suddenly been invaded by extraterrestrial life forms, armed with weapons known as “bio-machines.”

Facing imminent destruction, mankind had no choice but to flee the Earth and take refuge on the moon. In an attempt to reclaim their planet, humanity formed a resistance army of android soldiers.

To break through this deadlock and reclaim their homeworld, humanity sends the “YoRHa” – an infantry unit of state-of-the-art androids – into battle.

An arduous battle between androids and bio-machines unfolds on an uninhabited, barren planet. And who knows what forgotten truths are revealed in war…


While the storyline is connected to the first NieR game, players do not need to have any knowledge specifically about that game to play this one. Although players of the original NieR will appreciate the various easter eggs and throwbacks in-game.



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    • Anonymous

      Needs to be updated for the locked chest including the "Weapon Shop Flyer" in the canyon next to the commercial facility.

      • Anonymous

        Is there a page on humans that compiles the base details of all this stuff into one article? Because my internet is not very fast so reading through it all here is a hassl, what with having all the links.

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