YoRHa: Attacker 4


YoRHa: Attacker 4 is one of the information archives in Nier: Automata.


A unit from the experimental YoRHa squadron that was utilized during the 14th Machine War. Though Attacker Number 4 possessed an unusually bright and cheerful personality, she still managed to be effective when it came to engaging in close-quarter combat.

In addition to providing a morale boost to the group, this unit also used her sunny disposition to form an alliance with the local Resistance group. She was eventually killed during the assault on the Mt. Ka'ala server, the cause of which was a self-directed overload of her own fusion reactor. Further research reveals that she undertook this action as a means of protecting her companion, Attacker Number 2.

One further note: While this unit's cheerful personality provided certain benefits to overall unit morale, it was also responsible for a decrease in fighting spirit during intense combat. As such, it has been deemed inappropriate for future combat models.

Where to find/Location

  • Resistance Camp - In Route C, as A2, speak with Anemone. She will direct you to the nearby computer. Examine it to obtain the archive.


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