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Does NieR: Automata feature different difficulty modes?

Yes. It has 4. Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Easy makes the enemies weak and you can equip auto-chips. Normal is standard. Hard the battles are tougher and you can't use lock-on. Very Hard you can't use lock-on and you will die in one hit.


How Do I Open Locked Chests?

As you play through the game you will notice some chests locked. If you try to interact with them, you will get a message that you can't access them at the moment. These chests can only be unlocked in the second playthrough of the game as you are making your way towards Ending B. When you start your second playthrough you will gain the ability to hack chests by holding the triangle button. It will initiate a bullet hell game to destroy the orb, similar to in the boss fights. Destroy the orb to unlock them and loot the gear inside!


How do I Achieve All the Endings and Secrets?

Check out the Endings Guide and the page on Secrets for all the hidden wrinkles in the game!


How Do I Unlock Fast Travel?

Initially you'll only be able to fast travel between the Resistance Camp and Bunker. Eventually you can unlock total fast travel after completing Flooded City Recon and defeating Adam & Eve. After completing Flooded City Recon, during Alien Report, exit back to the cave and make your way back to the area where you dropped in. Jackass is waiting here, with a brand new access point. The ability to teleport unlocks, allowing you to fast travel between places faster.


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