NPCs in NieR: Automata are all non-playable characters encountered throughout the game. As you explore the world you'll encounter different characters, you can choose interact with them to initiate a dialogue which may sometimes relate to the lore of the story, or potentially gain something from the interaction. These characters include all types of Merchants that provide services or may be interested in trading Items to benefit you and your progress or may improve your Combat abilities. Other interactions with different characters may also activate different Quests that could earn you rewards when completed. NPCs with immediate relevance for you will be marked by a red arrow on top of their head. Their location can also be seen within proximity from the minimap when a quest is active. This page provides information on all types of NPCs, Merchants and services you can find in the game as well as a list of the different characters and the relevant interactions or quests. Controllable Characters that can be used in game can be found on the Playable Characters page. 

Playable Characters NieR Automata

These are the controllable characters that players can experience playing as in the game. These are the characters used to interact with other NPCs to progress through the game and gain different rewards, Items and quests. Each of these characters are controlled at different parts of the game, and there is no Character Selection or creation menu available. Each of these characters have their own unique characteristics and abilities to explore. 

Pods NieR Automata

Pods are an extension of your characters and provide support, information and alerts throughout the game. Interacting with your character as they make decisions and engage in different combat encounters. Aside from the Pods that assist in combat, below are some of the known Pods that support the Playable Characters

Merchants NieR Automata

Merchants are the NPCs that may offer a service or have tradeable or saleable goods that couldbenefit the player. General items you may find are Restorative Items, Enhancement Items, Support Items and Materials. There are different types of merchants and traders as well that may have a specialized stock. These different merchants can be found throughout the different Locations in the game. 

Character Types NieR Automata

Main Characters in NieR Automata will usually have relations with YoRHa forces, either by being a member, operator, a commander or a machine leader of the forces. Other types of characters you can find are Supply Traders or Shopkeepers or NPCs that have a store such as Devola and Popola. Other than people, players may also interact with sentient machines that have the potential to be hostile or friendly. Speaking to these different characters may aid in the progression of the storyline or reveal additional information, rewards or secrets. 


All Characters NieR: Automata

Playable Characters NieR: Automata



All NPCs NieR: Automata

Pods NieR: Automata


All NPCs NieR: Automata




NPC Androids NieR: Automata


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 Standard Machine NPCs NieR: Automata

Village Machine NPCs NieR: Automata





Amicable Machine NPCs NieR: Automata




Antagonist NPCs NieR: Automata

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