Voice Actor

JPN : Aoi Yuuki
ENG: Alexis Tipton

Pascal is an NPC in Nier: Automata. He is the leader of a machine village near the Forest Area. Pascal is a pacifist: he doesn't believe in violence. He’s a highly intelligent machine with an interest in mankind and the history of machine life-forms. He and his village have a truce with the Resistance Camp, as shown in Chapter 5 when Pascal trades items with Anemone.

"Those who reside here desire nothing more than to live a peaceful existence."

General Information

  • He is first encountered in the story quest Machine Recon.
  • Pascal is the only machine life-form of his model throughout the game.
  • Unlike other robots in the game, this unit has a rocket on his crotch that allows him to fly great distances, much to A2's surprise.
  • Despite having a pacifist view he does posses offensive abilities and weapons as seen in chapter 14-05.

Pascal Unit Data


"A pacifist machine lifeform that despises conflict and strives endlessly for peace with humanity. This unit possesses incredible intelligence, as well as a deep interest in the history of both humans and machines.

After fear overtook them, the children of the Pascal's village committed suicide. Filled with sorrow at his decision to teach them about fear, Pascal asked A2 to delete his memories. Once she did, the Pascal of old ceased to exist."


  • If you choose to destroy him near the Resistance Camp as A2, you can receive Ending Z.
  • If you choose to erase Pascal's memories at the end of Chapter 14, visit his village again and he will be available as a shopkeeper.
  • If you choose to kill Pascal at the end of Chapter 14, you will receive the item Pascal's core, worth 50,000g.
  • He seems to have taken an interest in reading and philosophy. Can be seen reciting a line from Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche in Chapter 14-02.
  • Pascal is most likely named after Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, author and philosopher.
  • After finishing A Villager's Request, Anemone will give A2 the philosophy book, Pensées. This book refers to Blaise Pascal's final work which is left incomplete after his death.
  • In the TGS 2016 trailer, the characters of NieR: Automata were showcased along with a word/emotion that represents them the most. Pascal's was 親愛 (Affection).

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    • Anonymous

      For an even more tragic ending for him... After Pascal asks you to delete his memory, if you leave the room, he shouts "A2, how could you...". And Unit Data updates his file with: "After A2 refused, the despondent Pascal disappeared". And you never see him again.

      • Anonymous

        Pascal is named after french philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. The quest item "Pensées" is a book writen by him.

        • Anonymous

          The name is likely a reference to the Pascal measuring unit for pressure, since he has what looks like a pressure gauge on his chest.

          • Anonymous

            Christ, Pascal.

            Weird note: I could have sworn that Pascal was in the original Nier? I have vivid memories of the shade- Kalil- and his buddy Pascal... which is odd considering I looked back and no, that was P-33 I guess.

            Made me ridiculously fond of Pascal before I even played the game or heard much about it tho. No idea how I got that into my head, but compared to that it makes Pascal seem p freaking young, lmao.

            • Anonymous

              *SPOILER ALERT*

              One of the most tragic characters in the game. I almost cried listening to the voice actress' saying his "heartbreak"... :(

              • Anonymous

                Pascal's name may be related to Pascal's Wager, but I doubt it considering that Pascal isn't a religious figure and stopped following the Aliens' (their creators) original commands since he stopped hearing from them.

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