Machine Village, or Pascal's Village, is a quiet and peaceful location in Nier: Automata. Lying within the forest that has taken over a portion next to the Ruined City. Here, Pascal and other peaceful machines dwell and trade with Resistance members.


General Information


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Machine Village Walkthrough

 Initial Visit

You arrive at the Machine Village as they all wave flags to signal their peacefulness. You will soon meet the leader, Pascal, who informs you this is a congregation of friendly machines that do not wish harm onto androids and wish to live in peace. They have thus cut themselves off from the machine network. You will trigger the main quest Machine Recon, and you can talk to all village members and unlock unit data on your Intel tab.

To prove their good faith, Pascal sends you to the Resistance Camp for the quest Machine Request, which turns back into Machine Trade. You will then have a chance to pick up several quests on the village, as the Assault event happens.


Side Quests in Pascal's Village


Second Playthrough Side Quests (9S)


Machine Village Map


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