Abandoned Amusement Park is a Location in Nier: Automata. A land of dreams once enjoyed by many. While the people have long disappeared, everything is still running. It appears that a community of special machine life-forms is being created in this area, with numerous individuals wearing flashy outfits being spotted.


Amusement Park Walkthrough

 First Visit

You will arrive at this location for the quest MIA, granted after exiting the Resistance Camp after defeating Adam (Boss).

To get to the location: Once you have the quest, walk left of the camp until you come across the destroyed highway, and look to your right until you see a passage between the blocked buildings. Use the ladder in the middle to go down to an underground area. Follow the tunnels, and look for a ladder, but don't go up yet. Continue forward to another ladder. Go up this ladder and into a large tree to obtain the weapon Virtuous Dignity. Now go back to the previous ladder and up again to access the Amusement Park area.

The machines of the park are not aggressive, so you can chose not to attack them. Up the stairs, three friendly machines greet you, and the Balloon Sister gives you a Drab Bracelet for talking to it. Beyond it, you can find an Item Shop and a back entrance. The back alley leads to an Access Point, and a broken thrill ride that you can jump on to access a blocked area of the park.

Go past the Clown Machine up the stairs to meet a boss, the Goliath Tank (Amusement Park). Defeat it and obtain a Machine Core. Go up the nearby stairs and jump on the Roller Coaster to take a ride - some enemies will attack you so be on your guard! You will eventually jump down the ride and face the next boss: Beauvoir.

After defeating her, head out towards the entrance of the park, to the previously-locked door. A friendly machine will wave a white flag and invite you to go to the Machine Village. Follow it to progress the story.


Other Quests in Amusement Park


Second Playthrough Quests (9S)




Amusement Park Map


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