Access Points are save and teleport locations in Nier: Automata. From here, players can save their game, transport to other access points, or access their Inbox (Mailbox).


All Access Point Locations

The Bunker

City Ruins: Near Factory

City Ruins: Center

City Ruins: Near the Tower

Desert: Camp

Desert: Center

Desert: Oil Field

Desert: Housing Complex

Park Ruins: Attraction Sq.

Pascal's Village

Forest Zone: Center

Forest Castle: Front

Forest Castle: Royal Chamber

Factory: Entrance

Factory: Hangar

Factory: Furnace

Flooded City: Coast

City Ruins: Cave

Inbox Emails

Inbox is a special menu in Nier: Automata that allows players to receive communications from command. Mails are delivered to your inbox according to quest progress.


All Inbox Letters List


Third Playthrough


Quest: Onward to War - The Bunker

Council of Humanity: Special Correspondence

"Attention all androids: We have received word of the recent destruction of Adam and Eve, the enemy machine lifeforms' central networking units. With the enemy weakened, now is our moment! We, humanity's great army, will now launch an all-out assault, drive back the invaders, and reclaim our rightful home of Earth! Glory to mankind. League of Assemblymen, Council of Humanity."


Second playthrough


Quest: Data Analysis Freak 2 - Desert Housing

Operator 210: Thank You

"Analysis of the information you sent us is complete. I believe I mentioned this already, but this societal unit called a "family" is truly fascinating. This will be of great use for future research. Your help is appreciated."


Quest: Data Analysis Freak 2 - Desert Housing

Operator 210: Request

"The desired contents of this request are spelled out below. Please gather the following for information analysis: - Vestiges of human life from the large-scale ruins in the desert. These ruins are the remains of what was once a residential area - a complex of multiple dwellings. Photograph these vestiges and send them to me."


Quest: Data Analysis Freak - The Bunker

Operator 210: Reward

"I've sent the reward I mentioned earlier. - Operator 210"


Quest: Reboot - The Bunker

Server Manager: Hacking Library

"We have prepared a hacking library using comat data from YoRHa units. All hacks that have been encountered previously can now be re-visited at your leisure. For safety's sake, however, those that have yet to be encountered have been excluded. Interested parties can access this new library from the sever room of the Bunker."


First Playthrough:


Quest: Olive Branch - Resistance Camp

Commander: Trends Among the Machines

"Due to the destruction of code name "Adam", we have been able to deal a significant blow to the enemy's network system. I have already confirmed that numerous machine lifeforms have been severed from the network as a result. However, just because they are no longer connected, doesn't mean they no longer pose a threat. It is highly likely they will continue to interfere with our operations.

2B, I would like you to gather some intel on the machine lifeforms. Report back to me if you see any machines behaving oddly, and keep me informed on their activities. That is all - The Commander"


Quest: N/A

Server Manager: Server Capacity

"It has come to our atttention that the Bunker's main server is approaching maximum capacity. Please organize your user folders and delete any old data to free up space. Additionally, there are many members who have saved large music files and entertainment vieos which do not appear to be mission-critical. All such data must be transferred to local storage at once."


Quest: Find a Present - Desert Zone

Operator 60: Thanks for your help the other day!

"2B, Thanks for fixing the transfer device the other day! I'd love to do the repairs myself, but Operator models aren't allowed to go to Earth... There's so much I want to know about this planet though! I'd love to hear some of your stories if you ever have time! - Operator 60"


Quest: Terminal Repairs - City Ruins

Operator 60: Rewards!

"2B, Thank you sooo much for repairing that access point! Sorry I'm always putting you through so much trouble, but I've sent along a little reward for all your hard work. Hope you life it! - Operator 60"


Quest: The Forest Kingdom (Complete) - City Ruins

Operator 60: Mission Notification

"As I mentioned over laser communications, the access point in the center of the city ruins is malfunctioning, and its data-upload functions, transporter functions, and more are currently halted. According to the analysis team, possible causes include a faulty forwarding terminal, or perhaps even radio interference being emitted by enemies in the area. Please head to the site and check it out when you can, okay? Thanks! - Operator 60"


Quest: The Forest Kingdom - Resistance Camp

Pascal: Valuable Information

"My friend. It feels as if we haven't spoken in quite some time! As it turns out, many stores in our village recently acquired a number of new items, and I wanted to be sure that everyone from YoRHa was aware of this. I would also be delighted if you would commit to memory that there are some out there who - despite being machine lifeforms - are willing to open their hearts and share such valuable information. Yours in friendship, Pascal"


Quest: None - City Ruins

Jackass: Fish

"Hey. Sorry to bring this up out of the blue, but I've got a fish I want to recommend to YoRHa units. Er, or to be more specific, I want YOU to eat it so I can study how its oil affects a YoRHa unit. You know? For science? Anyhoo, stop by if you get bored. It's my treat. -Jackass".

(Go to Desert: Camp and receive a Mackarel from Jackass. Eatin it kills you).


Quest: Jackass's Research - City Ruins

Jackass: You-Know-What

"Hey. Thanks to your, I was able to create medicine using that research you helped me with. You should try it out if you find yourself with some spare time on your hands. Later, Jackass"


Quest: Completes Retrieve the Confidential Intel - Resistance Camp

Commander: Search Order Annulement

"Recently, a search order was issued for a YoRHa member who was in possession of secret information chips. As this individual has since been found, the order is now withdrawn. As a further note, the member in question had been killed by a machine lifeform. however, our search team still managed to recover the information chips. They also located the corpse of another Resistance Member nearby; we are currently investigating if the two issues are connected. - The Commander"


Quest: When Flooded City Recon is active. Begins "YoRHa Betrayers" quest - City Ruins

Operator 60: Confidential Mission Details

"Your new mission is to capture renegade YoRHa members. Not only did these members go AWOL, but we have confirmed that they engaged in unlawful conduct, including the theft of Resistance resources. They are to be taken into custody as soon as possible. - Operator 60

* Note that this is a direct order from the COmmander. Forwarding it is forbidden."


Quest: Machine Trade - City Ruins

Council of Humanity: Scheduled Correspondence

"Attention all androids: In recent years, we have received reports that many peculiar units have been sighted among the machine lifeforms. We have also heard troubling repots of enemies approaching androids under a so-called "Banner of Peace". Do not let yourself be deceived! The mission entrusted to all androids is the utter destruction of the enemy, to the very last!"


Quest: MIA - Amusement Park

Operator 60: Never mind

"2B, Remember that message I sent you about "Jupiter Fortune Telling"? I had the girls in R&D do it for me, and I got the worst readings possible for health, work AND love! But that's when I realized something - that stuff is a bunch of occult crap! I mean, how are you supposed to figure out your destiny by observing another planet? Ridiculous! I'll forge my destiny all on my own! That's the truest desire of every YoRHa woman anyway, right? Ha ha ha {;_;}  - Operator 60


Quest: The Machine Surge - Desert Housing

Operator 60: Jupiter's Fortunes

"2B! Have you heard of "Jupiter Fortune Telling"? It's all the girls over in R&D have been talking about lately! They say you can examine the color an shape of Jupiter's Great Red Spot to learn about what kind of luck you'll have with health, work, and love! Sounds amazing, right? I'll try it and let you know what I find out! - Operator 60"


Quest: The Machine Surge - Desert Zone

Council of Humanity: Scheduled Correspondence

"Attention all androids: Thousands of years have passed since we humans were driven to the moon. And while the war remains deadlocked, we know that our continued safety is only possible thanks to your valiant efforts on the ground. We ask that you continue giving your all to the mission of recapturing Earth from the scourge of the machines! Glory to mankind."


Quest: Gathering Intel - City Ruins

Commander: Lost Equipment

"There was something I forgot to mention prior to your sortie. According to our analysis team, the equipment that was lost when breaking into the abandoned factory is still there. I've marked its estimated location, so be sure to pick it up next time you're in the area. That is alll. - The Commander"


Quest: Reboot - The Bunker

Server Manager: Test Mail:

"This messsage is intended for the verification of your mail account. Members who encounter problems with the mailing system should contact their supervisors as soon as possible. - IT Operations, Lead Server Engineer"


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