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Olive Branch is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The machine lifeform codenamed Adam was responsible for the management of half the machine network. The commander believes its absence must have created new behaviors within machines"


Olive Branch Objectives

  1. Check your Inbox
  2. Call Pascal
  3. Meet Pascal at the abandoned factory in City Ruins
  4. Negotiate peace inside the factory
  5. Follow the guides to their leader



Olive Branch Rewards



Olive Branch Walkthrough

  • After you defeat Adam (Boss) during 9S Captured, you will spawn at the Resistance Camp. The commander will get in touch with you and instruct you to check your Inbox. Once you do,  you will call Pascal who informs you some machine lifeforms are attempting to build another peaceful colony in the Abandoned Factory.
  • Meet with Pascal at the Abandoned Factory, then head inside. You will be received by a group of machines who apparently are religious. Follow the Priest to a lift, as Pascal expresses worry. When you reach the main chamber, their leader seems to have died and they turn on you.  This begins the next quest: Twisted Religion




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