The Machine Surge


Main Story Quest


Resistance Camp

Quest Giver




The Machine Surge is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


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The Machine Surge Objectives

  1. Eliminate the machines in the desert
  2. Return to the Resistance Camp



The Machine Surge Rewards



The Machine Surge Walkthrough

  • Go to the Desert Zone, located near the City Ruins: Center Access Point.
  • Talk to the Resistance Member called "Jackass" near a blocked passageway, and she will blow it up, granting you access
  • Defeat all the units within the marked red zones on the map
  • Follow the small unit that runs away towards the Desert Housing
  • Defeat Adam (Boss)
  • Return to the Resistance Camp for your reward.
  • Make sure to leave the camp to trigger the next quest: MIA





    • Anonymous

      12 May 2017 08:39  

      This quest seems to have a game breaking bug (PC). When you get back to Resistance Camp to return quest, as you cross a check point with 2 Resistance members, you trigger a dialogue. After finishing the quest and got the next one, I crossed that point again to go back to the desert. Then when I tried go back to the Camp, the dialogue triggered again at that same spot, only this time there's no dialogue, only 2B walking slowly and with black bars at top and bottom, like when she does get a dialogue. When I saved game after that, the save seems to be corrupted and cannot be loaded (stuck at loading screen).

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