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Obtain Keys is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The mysterious tower in City Ruins cannot be hacked, but obtaining the recovery units may change this."


Obtain Keys Objectives

  1. Go to the recovery unit in the Forest Zone
  2. Shut down the recovery unit in the Forest
  3. Go to the recovery unit in the Flooded City
  4. Clear all hacking points, and reach the core
  5. Shut down the recovery unit on the Flooded CIty
  6. Go to the marked resource recovery unit in Amusement Park
  7. Shut down the "God Box"
  8. Destroy 21O
  9. Destroy the machine lifeforms



Obtain Keys Rewards

  • ??
  • ??



Obtain Keys Walkthrough

  • After completing Tower Recon, 9S will be sent to the Forest Zone to obtain keys for access to the tower.
  • Approach the large recovery unit, and it will enter self-defense mode. Go the the entrance and your pod will inform you the language is "Angelic" and it reads "Meat box"
  • Make your way through the facility, going up the lifts and facing each enemy encounter. Using hacking is effective to avoid damage and finish off the larger enemies
  • At the very top, you will obtain Forest Access Key x1
  • Press circle on the nearby machine to end this quest. You will be able to select to play as 9S or A2 next.
  • A2 triggers quest: Maintenance
  • 9S continues this quest, sending you to the Flooded City The recovery unit here reads "Soul Box".
  • On the second floor, you will gain several +6 Chips alongside the weapon Faith.
  • As you reach the summit, press triangle to interact with the core of the facility, you will enter thehacking space with your body and fight an undisclosed enemy. After you are done, you will obtain Ocean Access Key x1
  • This will unlock the main quest: Recover NFCS
  • Once you are done with the repairs, go to the Amusement Park. This recovery unit is called "God Box"
  • Once you go inside, the player will switch to A2, who is also sent to the Amusement Park, then back to 9S
  • Go into the first room and open the chest in the middle, it will turn dark and several enemies will attack you. Use hacking to destroy them quickly. In the next floor, seeral ranged machines an a linked-sphere type attack you. Hold down Square to charge ranged attacks for the machines, and defeat the link-sphere by using a charged pod laser. Following, you will by attacked by flyers and Medium Flyers.
  • Next up there will be a boss fight agains Operator 210. Fight her and a cutscene will follow between 9S and A2.
  • A boss fight between A2 and unit Auguste triggers next. When you defeat it, many machines will turn up and beg you not to continue destroying him. Walk forward to trigger a cutscene and the trophy "Justice"
  • After a cutscene, you will receive Park Access Key x1, and the quest Tower Infiltration.



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      Before entering Soul Box in Flooded city, go a little bit to the right from the point where 2B landed in the beginning of Route C. You'll find a broken YoRHa flight unit near the water. Interact with it and get punched right in the feels... T_T

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        Seems to be a glitch with this quest, haven't tested it much but I fast travelled to the outer castle wall, the recovery unit just floats around without doing anything

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