Secrets in Nier: Automata are covered on this page. There are several hidden features of the game and this page will compile links to guides for each of them. Click on the header to go to the page!



How To Open Locked Chests

You'll find some mystery chests that you cannot interact with - here's how to open them.


All Locked Chest Locations

Locations and rewards for all locked chests.


How to Trigger Secret Boss & Complete "Naughty Children" Trophy

A hidden gold trophy: Naughty Children. How to obtain it by fighting a secret, level 99 boss.


How To Unlock the Secret Trophy Shop

Having trouble with your platinum trophy? Here's how to get around it.


Endings Guide

Completionist guide to all endings.


New Game Plus & Debug Room

Special post-credit features.


How To do long Jumps

Hold X (jump) before you get off the platform, press R2 to dash off, then square (You will do a round kick with your pod). Now let go of X and press X+Square for an upwards attack, keep X pressed and press square again for roundkick, then if you still aren't there press X + r1 and your pod will launch you.

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