Secrets in Nier: Automata are covered on this page. There are several hidden features of the game and this page will compile links to guides for each of them. Click on the header to go to the page!



How To Open Locked Chests

You'll find some mystery chests that you cannot interact with - here's how to open them:

Unlock 9S as a playable character by completing the game once, then load that save file.

You can now open the boxes by hacking them, and then finishing the hacking mini game.


All Locked Chest Locations

Locations and rewards for all locked chests.


How to Trigger Secret Boss & Complete "Naughty Children" Trophy

A hidden gold trophy: Naughty Children. How to obtain it by fighting a secret, level 99 boss.


How To Unlock the Secret Trophy Shop

Having trouble with your platinum trophy? Here's how to get around it.


Endings Guide

Completionist guide to all endings.


New Game Plus & Debug Room

Special post-credit features.


How To do long Jumps

You may perform a double jump by pressing X while in mid-air.

You may glide by hanging onto your pod by holding X while in mid-air.

While gliding you can perform a roundhouse kick by pressing Square.

While in mid-air, or on the ground, you can have your pod throw you by pressing R1 and X at the same time.

You cannot perform a pod toss while gliding and you cannot perform a roundhouse kick if you're not gliding.

You cannot perform either a pod throw or a roundhouse kick twice in a row, but you can perform both during a jump.

Dashing before you jump will increase the lengths of your leaps, but you'll be slowed down if you choose to glide afterwards.

You may perform a dash while in mid-air. You cannot perform a dash twice in a row, but you can switch to pod throw or roundhouse kick.

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    • Anonymous

      I'm adding "Rising Attack" here, because the mechanics are not explained anywhere in the game, and is a very cool attack and also let's you jump very high.
      To do a Rising Attack with 2B or A2, press JUMP and, before the jump animation starts, then press HEAVY ATTACK.
      To do the same with 9S, press JUMP and, before the jump animation starts, then press LIGHT ATTACK.

      Rising attack can throw the enemy in the air: while it's flying, the enemy cannot counter your attack. It's totally defenseless.
      So a good combo will be like: Rising Attack, then, with the enemy still in the air, continually press LIGHT ATTACK to do a mid-air light attack combo.

      BONUS: Rising Attack makes you jump really high. So, if you want to reach a very high place, instead of double jumping, try Rising Attack and the JUMP.

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