Items in NieR: Automata will be shown here. Players can buy and sell items at camps. More information will be shown when it becomes available.





Restorative Items


Name & Icon Use


Small Recovery

 Restores 25% of HP.


Medium Recovery

Restores 50% of HP.


Large Recovery

Restores 75% of HP.


Full Recovery

Restores all of your HP.


Visual Cure

Cures visual status ailments.


Aural Cure

Cures aural status ailments.


Cure Manipulation

Cure control anomalies.


Cure All Status

Cure all status ailments.


Cure All + Heal All

Restores 100% HP and cures all status ailments.


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    • Anonymous

      22 Sep 2017 21:15  

      So... from what I have found out on my own there is:

      9 Restorative Items
      14 Enhancement Items
      7 Support Items
      73 Materials
      75 Key Items
      41 Caught Fish

      That makes it a total of 219 different Items altogether including every DLC Items as well. That is all Items you will have by the end of the game if you did it 100%

      NOTE: There are Key Items related to quests that you will only have during a quest which will be gone once the quest is complete so this list I made excludes those since I counted the items right at the end in the tower

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