Pod Programs

Pod Programs are Skills in Nier: Automata. They allow your Pods to perform special abilities. You can purchase them from the Maintenance Shops in the Bunker. With all three Pods (or two if you don't have the third yet), Pod Program may be charged but also has greater cool-down time. Charged version generally consist of greater AOE or three of the same attack at once. 




How to get

R010: Laser

Fires a powerful laser in the direction that the Pod is facing.

Charged: Additional laser per pod.


R020: Mirage

Analyzes all enemies in a fixed radius, allowing combatants to deliver a series of deadly slashes to all who are caught within.

Charged: Increases AOE.


R030: Hammer

Summons a mass of energy that unleashes a devastating blow upon its target.

Charged: Additional hammer per pod.


R040: Blade

Spins a Pod around the player at high speed, wreaking havoc on any enemies it touches.

Charged: Additional rotating blade per pod.


R050: Spear

Produces a mass of energy that sprouts from the ground in the shape of deadly spears.

Charged: Additional spears left and right, then all four diagonals. 


A060: P Shield

Deploys a protective barrier that blocks melee attacks.

Charged: Increases duration.


R070: M Shield

Deploys a protective barrier that blocks projectile attacks.

Charged: Increases duration.


A080: Wave

Generates a powerful shock wave by slamming a Pod to the ground from an elevated height.

Charged: Increases damage.

Quest reward: The Wandering Couple

A090: Wire

Fires a wire in the direction that the Pod is facing. If it hits a foe, it launches combatant right to the target for an up-close assault.

Charged: No apparent difference.

Quest reward: Amnesia

A100: Decoy

Creates an image of the user, drawing the attention of foes and firing upon them with the Pod's ranged attack.

Charged: ?

During playthrough C or D, you may find the program in the building in the City Ruins where you land after the prologue.

A110: Slow

Creates a field that distorts time, slowing down all enemies that enter its vicinity.

Charged: Increases AOE.

Quest reward: Data Analysis Freak 2

A120: Repair

 Emits a temporary beam capable of healing the combatants as long as they remain within its radius

Charged: Increases healing rate and duration.

Quest reward: Sorting Trouble 3

A130: Bomb

Throws a volley of small explosive charges over a set period of time. 

Charged: Additional pod launching explosives.

Quest reward: Find a Present

A140: Gravity

Unleashes a blast that sucks in any enemies in the vicinity.

Charged: Increases AOE.

Quest reward: hand over chips in "Retrieve the Confidential Intel"

A150: Volt

Restrains and shocks one nearby enemy, causing continuous damage over a set period of time.

Charged: Increases damage and duration.

During Route C: It is in the section of the Amusement Park Ruins where you can fight the tank lying next to a dead YoRHa android.

A160: Missile

Allows a combatant to ride atop a Pod - with a certain degree of direction control - as it rushes forward into the fray. 

Charged: Increases damage, knock back, and distance. 

During Route C: It is located nearby the beginning area of the Abandoned Factory where you first fight Marx (Engels' arm) in the Prologue, at the end of the long straight stretched pathway away from Marx on top of the two stacked crates where an android and its beeping pod lie (near the area where you find the corpse of 11B).

A170: Scanner

Emits ultrasonic waves to scan the surroundings in search of hidden items.

Charged: None.

Quest reward: Redheads


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