R050: Spear


Pod Programs

R050: Spear is a Pod Program in Nier: Automata



Produces a mass of energy that sprouts from the ground in the shape of deadly spears.


Effects & Uses

  • Causes spear to erupt out of the ground in a line in front and behind the user.
  • Charging with one additional pod adds lines of spear to the right and left of the user (in the shape of a plus. + ). Another pod adds four more in the diagonal directions. (In the shape of a asterisk. *) 
  • Small and medium enemies that are hit and not outright killed will be impaled on the spears and helpless until they despawn.
  • Can destroy all projectiles if the spears hit them.


Where to Find/Location




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    • Anonymous

      20 Mar 2017 14:07  

      There should be a trivia mentioning that this is similar to the Sealed Verse Execution from tje first NieR

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