Maintenance Shop is a Merchant Shop in NieR: Automata. The Maintenance shop is located in The Bunker, and in the Resistance Camp the shop allows players to purchase special upgrade abilities and increase item storage, among others. Shops are handled by NPCs called "Maintenance Shop Owner". Merchants in NieR: Automata are NPCs that have a stock of different wares that can include can include different Items such as Uprades, Weapons and Consumables depending on the type of Merchant you visit. Merchants are NPCs that are available to trade or sell certain goods or provide services that can benefit the player progress through the game or can aid in Combat. Players with excess items can also choose to Sell Items to these Merchants to gain more funds (G). A few regular NPCs that are part of the story may also be considered merchants if they own a stock. Emil, featured in the previous title reappears in NieR Automata and owns an Item Shop

Merchant Types NieR Automata

A Merchant's stock or services can depend on what kind of Merchant they are. Some items may become available from these merchants as you progress through the game. Certain Merchants such as Supply Traders may even have extra interactions such as an available quest. All available Merchant Types and their stock can be found below: 

Merchant Items NieR Automata

All Items in NieR: Automata are also sorted into different categories which can determine which Merchant to look for when searching for a specific enhancement or upgrade. 

Merchant Related Quests NieR Automata

Some Merchants or NPCs are attached to certain quests that can be done for them to affect their stock or gain access to their shop all together. 

Maintenance Shop Features NieR Automata

Interact with any Maintenance Shop owner to speak to them and access their Shop. This will give you access to their menu. Aside from the regular shop options, buy and sell, there are a few unique features found at the Maintenance Shop. You should see the following options at the Maintenance shop: 

  • Buy: Access their shop inventory 
  • Upgrade Pod: Gather the required materials to upgrade your Pod and increase their attack levels
  • Fuse: Fuse chips for stronger buffs at the cost of increased storage fill
  • Sell: Sell any unwanted goods for gold

Upgrading Pods at the Maintenance Shop NieR Automata

At the Maintenance Shop, players will be able to upgrade their Pods. Select the Upgrade Pod option bring up the page and menu. You will need to Select which Pod to upgrade. This page will then display the cost of the upgrade, the attack increase and Pod level, and will let you know what Materials are required for the upgrade. All pods attack increase from 150 > 165 > 172 > 180. 

maintenance shop menu nier automata wiki guide 300 px min 


All Maintenance Shops NieR Automata 


Maintenance Shop Stock NieR Automata

Quick Search of All Maintenance Shop Stock

Click the header to sort the table.

Item Name Item Type Price
R010: Laser Pod Program Default
R020: Mirage Pod Program 10,000G
R030: Hammer Pod Program 10,000G
R040: Blade Pod Program 10,000G
R050: Spear Pod Program 10,000G
A060: P Shield Pod Program 10,000G
R070: M Shield Pod Program 10,000G
+8 Storage Storage Upgrade 5,000G
+8 Storage Storage Upgrade 10,000G
+16 Storage Storage Upgrade 20,000G
+24 Storage Storage Upgrade 30,000G 


Pod Upgrades Maintenance NieR Automata

pod a pods nier automata wiki guide 200px
Pod A

Lv: 1 > Lv: 2:

Lv: 2 > Lv: 3: 

  • 5000G
  • 5x Plant Seed
  • 5x Eagle Eggs
  • 5x Tanning Agent
  • 5x Filler Metal
  • 1x Powerup Part M

Lv: 3 > Max

  • 10,000G
  • 3x Tree Sap
  • 3x Giant Egg
  • 3x Dye
  • 3x Machine Oil
  • 1x Powerup Part L

pods c pods equipment nier automata wiki guide 200px
Pod C

Lv: 1 > 2

Lv: 2 > 3

Lv: 3 > Max




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      I dunno if it's a glitch but the Scanner in the Bunker vanished from my playthrough. It was right after the Goliaths attached the city. After that he never showed up again, even after reloading the game.

      • Anonymous

        It should be added that fusing chips with different capacities result in chips with different capacities. Ex: Fusing two Ranged Defense with capacities 11 result in a Ranged Defense+1 with capacity 12 and fusing one with capacity 11 and other with 9 result in one Ranged Defense+1 with capacity 11. I don't know the math behind it nor the minimum capacity that can be achived but I hope that this will be useful.

        • Anonymous

          It also should be added that fusing chips with different capacities result in upgraded chips with different capacities. Ex: Fusing two Ranged Defense chips with 11 of capacity result in a Ranged Defense+1 chips with capacity 12 and fusing two Ranged Defense, one with capacity 9 and other with 11 result in one Ranged Defense+1 with capacity 11. I don't know the math behind it or how far it can be the variances of capacitys in maxed out chips but I hope that this can be useful.

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