Elaborate Gadget




Elaborate Gadget is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 It's a gadget so elaborate you don't know what it's for."


Effects & Uses

  • Needed to upgrade Pods to level 3.


Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing Reconnaissance Squad
  • Reward for completing Sorting Trouble 2
  • Royal Chamber. Beside the infant king.
  • City Ruins: Near Factory. 4th floor of the building that you first come out on after the prologue.
  • Desert: Center. Found with Scanner Pod Unit.
  • City ruins: near the tower (route C/D?), climbing on the tower and then jumping down on the stone structure nearby
  • Factory: found using Scanner In the small hallway filled with deadbodies between the so-shi boss area and the elevator that leads there.
  • Desert: Found sporatically near the waterside in the desert oasis.



  • Rare


    • Anonymous

      04 Nov 2017 15:31  

      Transport/travel to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber.
      If already cleared the game, pick chapters after A2 kills the forest king(that infant)
      Its replaced by a harvest point that gives gold ore, simple gadget, elborate gadget. Once you get it just save and reload, rinse and repeat since it wont spawn elaborate gadget everytime.

      • Anonymous

        04 Sep 2017 13:51  

        Found one using the dynamic scanner on the path to the Virtuous Grief in the Forest. It is in the center of the path before you jump to the area where the Grief is located

        • Anonymous

          18 May 2017 04:25  

          Guys, easiest way to get this:
          Change difficulty to EASY and equip those auto chips. Play the hacking game in challange mode. You won't die with these chips. Beat all 48 stages, and the reward inclues all 3 tiers of this gadget type material.

          • Anonymous

            15 May 2017 07:30  

            Can confirm that the spawn point near the tower works on route A/B as well. It's very random though, anything from a simple gadget to a gold ore.

            • Anonymous

              26 Mar 2017 11:00  

              You can get an elaborate gadget to spawn by starting the Wandering Couple quest in Pascal's Village (since it's a quest requirement), but only if you don't already have one in your inventory, it seems. I need 5 elaborate gadgets to upgrade my missile pod, but I have no idea how to get more now...

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2017 20:52  

                There's one elaborate gadget near the city ruins: tower access point. Just use your pod scanner near the little river near the bridge leading to the commercial center (and to the forest kingdom).

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