Elaborate Gadget




Elaborate Gadget is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 It's a gadget so elaborate you don't know what it's for."


Effects & Uses

  • Pod B - Level 2 → Level 3 ( Required: 5 )
  • Pod C - Level 2 → Level 3 ( Required: 5 )


Where to Find/Location

  • City Ruins: Near Factory. 4th floor of the building that you first come out on after the prologue.
  • Desert: Center. Found with Scanner near the 4th spawn (the one with flyers) from the The Machine Surge quest from your first visit to the desert.  Stay on the inside of the pipe ring.  Don't need to be on the quest to get it, that's just the area it's in.
  • City ruins: near the radio tower, climbing on the tower and then jumping down on the stone arch nearby
  • Factory: found using Scanner In the small hallway filled with dead bodies between the so-shi boss area and the elevator that leads there.
  • Desert: Found sporadically near the waterside in the desert oasis.
  • 2 rewarded for completing hacking challenge mode.




  • A total of 10 Elaborate Gadgets required for all upgrades.
  • Rare



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    • Anonymous

      05 Dec 2020 10:49  

      You can farm both the elaborate and complex gadget with the 3rd challange in the Underground Colisseum if you have the dlc.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jul 2020 04:18  

        This is the most terrible thing they could have done. What purpose does serve to have ultra rare materials needed for basic upgrades that won't give you much of an edge. What does it add to the game? Nothing. Not only is it RNG but you have only one chance at it and then you reload the game to refresh the drop. Is this the experience they wanted to give us? This grind is even worse than that of World of Warcraft and that says a lot. This is a very poor and shameful deed on their part. Sloppy.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jan 2019 15:55  

          The best farming spot for simple and elaborate gadgets is the underground Colosseum. The elevator behind the water fall in the forest. There are multiple spawns in that area. Clear it. Take the elevator back up. Take it back down repeat.

          • Anonymous

            23 Sep 2018 12:48  

            Very seldom does the elaborate gadget appear in the cradle at the royal chamber. I'd say about 1 out of every 8 save/reloads. (15%)

            • Anonymous

              04 Aug 2018 14:36  

              My favourite farming route: chapter 16-01, transport to City Ruins: Near the Tower, climb the tower's ladder, glide from the top to the arch structure; transport to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, turn left and reach the King's cradle. Repeat.

              • Anonymous

                23 Jun 2018 07:53  

                After I finally finished the Pod upgrades, I was just at the oasis catching fish and I got an elaborate gadget under a palm tree.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2018 00:33  

                  Encontré un dispositivo cerca de la ciudad con el escáner inmediatamente después del aterrizaje en la ciudad durante la ruta B, estando en ciudad centro nos movemos con dirección al árbol gigante sobre los edificios, con direccion a donde se forma el agujero gigante por la explosión de los Engels en capítulos posteriores./I found a device near the city with the scanner immediately after the landing in the city during the route B, being in center city we move towards the giant tree on the buildings, with direction to where the giant hole is formed by the explosion of the Engels in later chapters

                  • 21 Mar 2018 01:11  

                    Both quests listed here apparently give 5 and not just one, so you get all you need right there. Seems pointless to farm from the spawn points when you can just wait till your third playthrough and do these quests.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Mar 2018 03:34  

                      En el bosque, hay un campamento de robots, después de un rato curioseando con el escaner, encontré un camino que me permitió subir por encima de unas roca y obtener el arma "pesar virtuoso", a mitad del camino hacia esa arma, usando el escaner pude obtener este material.\
                      In the forest, there is a robot camp, after a while browsing through the scanner, I found a path that allowed me to climb over some rock and get the weapon "virtuous grief", halfway to that weapon, using the scanner I was able to obtain this material

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Jan 2018 03:50  

                        For those attempting the Royal Chamber farming route: I found that if you kill the 4 enemies that spawn in the antechamber before heading to the cradle, the drops get progressively better e.g. crystal --> gold ore --> simple gadget --> elaborate gadget, which is how I got it in about 5 reloads.

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Nov 2017 10:31  

                          Transport/travel to Forest Castle: Royal Chamber.
                          If already cleared the game, pick chapters after A2 kills the forest king(that infant)
                          Its replaced by a harvest point that gives gold ore, simple gadget, elborate gadget. Once you get it just save and reload, rinse and repeat since it wont spawn elaborate gadget everytime.

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Sep 2017 07:51  

                            Found one using the dynamic scanner on the path to the Virtuous Grief in the Forest. It is in the center of the path before you jump to the area where the Grief is located

                            • Anonymous

                              17 May 2017 22:25  

                              Guys, easiest way to get this:
                              Change difficulty to EASY and equip those auto chips. Play the hacking game in challange mode. You won't die with these chips. Beat all 48 stages, and the reward inclues all 3 tiers of this gadget type material.

                              • Anonymous

                                15 May 2017 01:30  

                                Can confirm that the spawn point near the tower works on route A/B as well. It's very random though, anything from a simple gadget to a gold ore.

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