Pristine Screw



Pristine Screw is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A newly made screw.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Dropped by Goliath Biped (Desert Zone)
  • Dropped by Goliath Biped (Enhanced Machines)
  • Dropped by Goliath Biped (Forest Kingdom Machines)
  • City RuinsLocked Chest: Located down the long ladder from the first building encountered across entry to the City Ruins during Gathering Intel.
  • Sold by Emil (route C)



  • A total of 12 Pristine Screws required for all upgrades.


    • 23 Jun 2018 06:22  

      Great place to farm these on Route A is when you have the quest Machine Examination 2, from the Resistance Camp, the area just outside will be a Goliath Biped, kill it, then move back into the camp, then save and reload, the Biped will respawn. Simply rinse and repeat. Alternately, you can hunt a few other spawns of this machine, same quest, there is one in the pit made by the city collapsing, it will have 3 Linked-sphere machines, these also drop Auto-Heal which is great for selling (5k for the +2 variety) and a third just by the Desert Camp entrance. It's my belief that once you hand in the quest these machines will cease spawning, so make sure you farm 17 of these for all upgrades/quests.

      • 03 Jun 2017 10:24  

        for maximum efficiency u can go to Forest Castle: entrance and kill the 2 goliath there then go to Desert: Camp and kill the one goliath to the right after u exit the transporter and as a bonus u can always check the map for Emil since he can always be pretty close to the desert camp ( route C btw )

        • Anonymous

          24 Mar 2017 00:31  

          I farmed these easily in front of the forest castle, from the Forest Castle: Entrance point, on chapter 17. Two goliaths spawn there every time and they're decently high level.

          • Anonymous

            19 Mar 2017 21:07  

            I'm on examination 2 and cant seem to find the 4th screw, I might have missed a drop? Or what am I missing

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