Machine Core



Machine Core is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata


 A part obtained from a special machine lifeform. Can be exchanged for money.

Effects & Uses

  • This item has no use as a material and can be freely sold for G. (See note below)


Where to Find/Location



  • This item goes up in value in subsequent routes. It's worth 10,000G in Route A, 15,000 in Route B, and 22,500 in Route C.



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    • Anonymous

      you can farm an infinite number of them.
      where exactly?
      in the desert where you have to defeat "adam" for the first time.
      an infinite number of enemies spawn there.
      perfect for leveling.
      perfect for farming rare resources...! ^^

      • Anonymous

        SPOILER ALERT: The more you learn about the machines and their core, the more it´s worth... And in the playthrough where you learn it´s secret, it is worth the most... brilliant!

        • Anonymous

          They are also dropped by the spidertank and worm made up of machine parts that you encounter before the fight with eve

          • Anonymous

            Route A is 10K(about). Route B is 15K(about). Route C is 22.5k. By the time I got to Route C I had over 1M worth of Machine Cores.

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