Amusement Park Rabbit


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Amusement Park Rabbit is a Peculiar Machine enemy in NieR: Automata



"A machine lifeform that mimics the bronze statues of the amusement park. Donning a pair of rabbit ears, it attacks by flailing a trumpet"



  • Found at the entrance of the Amusement Park, in the center of the main plaza.



Amusement Park Rabbit Drops




  • The Rabbit will only wake up and fight you once you do enough damage to his dormant state.
  • The easiest way to take down the Rabbit is to use 9S, because of his powerful hacking ability. It is advised to first hack one of the nearby robots to control it, and then hack the Rabbit through that robot. Upon the first successful hack, the Rabbit should then activate, and start attacking the player. If you stand on the opposite side of the platform the Rabbit was on, it will block a majority of the bullets, keeping you safe. You should be able to repeatedly hack the Rabbit until it dies.
  • The fastest route for farming once you beat the game:
    • Use Chapter Select to go to Chapter 04-01: Amusement Park
    • Enter the amusement park and skip the intro cutscene
    • Hack into a gun robot and kill the other enemy robots
    • Hack the Rabbit, self-destruct to get out of your robot, and hack it until it dies
    • Run to the nearest Access Point, save, and repeat




  • The Rabbit has an extremely high health pool, so it is not advised to take it on with anyone other than 9S until you reach at least level 70.
  • It seems that wake up by hacking has been patched so, it won't work on 1.06 and higher.
  • Working on B route with 9S at level 56 (30% more damage chips + Virtuous treaty level 4).
    • I recommend equip all the attack chips you can in the waking up part and then switch to EXP chips.
    • In order to hit the statue more accuratly, you can move it from the pedestrial by hacking a gun machine and come into contact to push it.
    • Get 3 pods and use the blade program.
    • The first try take roughtly 3-5 minutes.
    • At 65+ it take less than 2 minutes and with +40% EXP chips you gain at least 3 levels each time.


    • 13 Sep 2017 05:28  

      On the patch that the rabbit could not be woke up by hacking. Found a way to wake him at level 63 using normal attacks. Use level 3 POD and blade pod program, hold L1 for 3 pods light up then release. Got him woke up on 3rd usage of pod problem. After awaken, he is hackable using 9S. The rest is history. Also in regards to exp gain, still getting 2-3 level per run after level 90 so it is still not that a chore to gain level through this guy.

      • Anonymous

        06 Sep 2017 04:55  

        I managed to wake him with Level 77 as 2B during Chapter 4-1. Only using an melee Attack+3. Weapons were 2B's defaults at level 4. Killed him using Counter +2 and 2x Overclock +1 for maximum survival. I dont have better stuff, lol.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jun 2017 11:32  

          Deleted the game and reinstalled on PS4 without patch and being offline. Save still works, and will work if saved and repatched. Wait until 3rd playthrough, suggested level, then delete and reinstall, then repatch when lvl99

          • Anonymous

            09 May 2017 11:45  

            Install Taunt Up +6 chip to speed up the waking of bunny. At level 65 with Taunt Up +6 and Weapon Attack Up +4 and +5 and Melee Attack Up enhancement, it took me less than 30 seconds to wake the bunny.

            • Anonymous

              08 May 2017 03:52  

              I just did it on the PS4 and got 6.6k raw, no expbuffs, per hack and went from lvl 61 to 65 upon killing it. Still a great way to get EXP. ;)

              • Anonymous

                18 Apr 2017 23:25  

                I have the most recent update of Nier: Automata for the USA version, but I'm not sure what version number it is. I don't think it's 1.06, but I'm not sure because the rumor is that in the 1.06 update the extra Exp you'd get from hacking the rabbit statue was nerfed. In my version I'd get around 19,000 experience points for a successful hack and around 60,000 for killing the statue (with a +6 exp point boost plug-in chip equipped).

                However for my version of the game I found it was impossible for me to hack the statue when it was not yet hostile. The game would not let me target the statue even if I hacked a robot, cleared the area and then tried to hack the statue as a robot. The only way I could hack it was by attacking it repeatedly until it became hostile, which took around 3 minutes when I first started doing it at level 70, however since your character's damage output increases with their level the time it took to aggro he statue shortened the more levels I gained.

                To sum things up I think that the ability to hack the statue while you are remote controlling a robot was patched out with the most recent patch of the USA release (the day I farmed the rabbit to get to level 99 was 4/17/2017), but in the USA version you can still get a lot of extra experience points from a successful hack after you aggro the rabbit statue.

                • Anonymous

                  05 Apr 2017 06:43  

                  Killed it for my first time as A2 today and didn't receive jack*****. Just a Machine Core and the unit data. Do you have to be at a certain part of the story to receive the Powerup Part L?

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Mar 2017 22:22  

                    I was hacking it at level 68 today in 1.03 and got 12k exp per hack. Went to level 72 in one fight. Then 16k exp in the next fight and went to level 75. Maybe you need to be in 3rd playthrough to use it for powerleveling?

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Mar 2017 04:07  

                      The EXP for hacking was patched as of 1.03. Now you only get around 109 per hack, and that's with EXP chips equipped. Not sure what it is without them. Probably around 80 or so. So using this guy as a method of powerleveling to level 99 has been significantly nerfed. You can still do it (and it's probably still the best way due to the EXP he gives upon death), but it's going to take significantly longer, now.

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