Mounts in Nier: Automata are large animals found within the game, there are four types of mounts, Boar, Moose, White Boar, and White Moose. You can hop on some of the wildlife found in the game and use them as a method of transportation around the world. Unlike in NieR: Replicant, they can't be used to drift. And while they are not as fast as they are when running at top speed, they are more agile to make up for it. Mounts can now jump, which is especially useful when traversing the Desert Zone, but the you will automatically dismount when approaching a dense sandstorm. To ride any animal, you must use Animal Bait or Sachet early in the game. These items can be bought from the Supply Trader at the Resistance Camp. Once you've unlocked the transport service, you can find your mounts near most access points and exits. Subjugated Quadrupedal Machine Lifeforms can also be mounted by jumping on top of them, however the only way off is to either detonate it, or for its health to reach zero.

How to acquire a Mount in NieR Automata

To acquire a mount, you would first need to purchase an Animal Bait. These can be purchased from the Supply Trader at the Resistance Camp for only 100G. Now when you go out into the wild, you'll often see a Moose near access points. Once you're close to an animal, select the Animal Bait from your inventory to use it and place it on the ground. Be wary and don't get to close to the animal, or they might flee. You can avoid this by purchasing a Sachet from the Supply Trader as well, this item prevents animals from running away when approached. Once the Animal Bait is on the ground, the Animal will become attracted to it and start moving towards the bait. Once the animal starts eating the bait, you can go near it and press the action button (Circle for PS4, B on Xbox, E for PC) to mount the animal. As 9S, hacking an unmounted Quadrupedal Machine Lifeform, subjugating it and jumping on is an option, as 2B and A2, the Spear of the Usurper is the only subjugation option available.

Albino Animals in NieR Automata

There are albino versions of Boars and Moose, the White Boar and White Moose. These animals can't be mounted, but their meat can be sold for a good amount of gold. They rarely spawn and can only be seen on rare occasions, but once you encounter one, be sure to have a Sachet ready.

Mounts in NieR Automata

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    • Please add this to mounts: While playing as 9S you can hack the Quadruped type machine lifeforms and then subjugate them (you can also use the maxed-out Spear of the Usurpers skill "Turncoat"). After subjugating them, then mount them by jumping on them. You can then ride the Quadruped like the boar and moose mounts. The Quadruped mount is significantly more maneuverable and faster with higher attack power. The only downside is that you can't dismount like normal mounts, but instead have to auto-destruct the Quadrupeds to dismount.

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        ive seen white boars once (two that spawned at the same time) in the area where moose & boars are spawned in the city ruins near the entrance to pascals village. unfortunately i didn't think to kill one so i might've missed out on some good cash lol

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