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  1. Housing Complex
  2. Camp
  3. Center
  4. Oil Field

Desert Zone is a Location in NieR: Automata. This area used to be part of a city, but has lost its vegetation due to drought, which caused the soil to erode and become sand, easily shifted by the winds.  This is the second large zone you will travel to for the quest: The Machine SurgeLocations can be discovered in the game as players progress through the main storyline and quests. Each Location in the game will have its own set of unique interactions, Quests and Characters. Eventually, players will have access to each location's Access Points which can be used to travel back and forth to previously unlocked locations. This is the game's method of Fast Traveling. This page covers all known points of interest, significant ItemsEnemiesBosses and NPC encounters in this area. 


Desert Zone Information NieR Automata

You will first arrive at this zone for the quest The Machine Surge. There is a camp with a Supply Trader and a save point right before heading in. Some enemies and materials lie about in the zone before you meet up with your resisance contact, who blows up the passage into the Desert.

 If you stick to the right of the map, you will find an open area that you can follow a slope down. Going down, you will discover a lower subterranean portion of the Desert Zone. Here, some Small Stubby enemies linger, but you can also find a chest with Dented SocketSevered CableBroken BatteryStripped ScrewCrushed Nut and Small Gear. Continue investigating the underground and fight some Medium Bipeds. Past them another chest with two Memory Alloy awaits. Other chests include Medium Recovery, 2000G and Gold Ore.

Once in the Desert, follow your compass to defeat some clusters of enemies and proceed with your quest, following a small unit that will lead you towards the Desert Housing complex.

Access Points:

  • Desert: Camp
  • Desert: Center
  • Desert: Housing Complex
  • Desert: Oil Field


Desert Zone Quests in NieR Automata

Desert Zone Main Quests

Desert Zone Side Quests:  


Desert Zone NPCs and Merchants NieR Automata

NPCs that can be found in Desert Zone: 

 Merchants that can be found in Desert Zone:


Desert Zone Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Desert Zone NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.


 Desert Zone Maps & Gallery Images NieR Automata

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