Medium Biped


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Medium Biped is an Enemy in NieR: Automata


Medium Biped Information

"This medium-sized machine lifeform possesses large, human-like limbs. These arms give it tremendous versatility in battle, as it can equip a great many weapons. A pod's projectile attacks have no effect on shielded units, making close combat the most effective method of disposal.

Units equipped with electromagnetic shields are immune to a Pod's projectile attacks, and also damage all who come into contact with its shield. Extreme care is recommended."

Desert version: "Its small sword is thought to have been created by a mahine lifeform haphazardly combining metals.

Abandoned park version: "Certain units of this type have been known to replace their forearms with projectile weapons. In addition to standart energy rounds, these units are also capable of firing powerful lasers."

Axe-equipped: "The weight of its axe gives it overwhelming destructive power. Wielders should be approached with a good deal of caution."

EMP Attack: "Machine lifeforms with extendable necks that resemble the human spinal cord. They attack with electromagnetic pulses that interfere with a variety of functions."


Medium Biped Locations



Medium Biped Drops




  • Dodge a lot
  • ??




  • 1-2 level 20 Medium Biped may spawn in place of the Small Stubby near the City Ruins: Near Factory.
  • 2 level 18 Medium Biped will always spawn in the field below Father Servo near City Ruins: Center. These particular Biped also have a chance to drop "Weapon Attack Up" chips which, along with Titanium Alloy, may be of great value for farming.
  • 2-3 level 16-18 Medium Biped may spawn in place of the Small Stubby near Desert: Housing Complex. These Biped in particular also have a chance to drop "Counter" chips.




Normal Medium Biped

Medium Biped: Gun equipped

Medium Biped: Sword equipped


Machine Village: Medium Biped
Medium Biped: Spear-equipped
Medium Biped: Enhanced


Medium Biped: Axe-equipped
Rampaging Medium Biped
Amusement Park: Rampaging Medium Biped


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