Desert: Housing Complex is a location within the Desert Zone in Nier: Automata. This abandoned apartment complex has been overtaken by dry sands, but vestiges of human civilization prevail in the form of destroyed buildings, playgrounds and structures.


General Information


Desert Housing Map


NPCs in the area

  • Resistance Member
  • YoRHa S-Type
  • Wife Machine
  • Machine in Love





Desert Housing Walkthrough

 First Visit

As you arrive on the housing complex, a conversation about what the area was used for takes place. Continue on and find the nearby Access Point, save your game and proceed forward through the abandoned buildings. Soon, you will encounter a group of machines, with sad and repetitive messages of fear as they fight you.

After you defeat the first large group, a unit called Goliath Biped will engage you. It's melee attacks are deadly, so it is recommended you stay at a safe distance and slowly wither its health away by attacking its legs. When not protected by the arms, the body can take targetted damage from a heavy laser attack from your pod.

Near here, if you have the HUD: Items chip equipped you will note a chest. This chest contanis the weapon Fang of the Twins. It's located up a staircase on a broken building just before the corner turn to the playground.

After the machine is defeated, pursue the fleeing unit until you arrive at a haunting scene. A large group of Smal Stubby units dwell here, seemingly engaging in human-like behavior and repeating phrases such as "love, feed me, together forever". You can watch them for a while but they will eventually attack you.

Kite the units around the area, defeating as many as you can and picking up their drops quickly, until a cutscene triggers, presenting the boss Adam . After you are done with the boss, escape up the ramps and through the sand cave quickly. Once up top, you can cross the river of sand to find some extra loot hidden in a corner and return to the start of the housing complex, or you can go forward and drop down to a group of machines near the Desert Camp (where you first entered Desert Zone). Whichever you pick, you will have to return to the Resistance Camp to finish the quest and keep going.

Note: If you go back to the boss area afterwards, an extremely difficult arena-like encounter appears. Goliath Biped + Medium Exploder, Small Exploder, Small Biped, Medium Biped, etc. All level 38. You can do it with a lot of patience if you run in and dash out the other side, then use 9S as bait from a safe high spot to lure the exploders into the crowd of enemies and do damage.


Other Quests


Desert Housing Map


  • ??
  • ??



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