Places and Locations for NieR: Automata are located on this page. Locationare the different areas that can be encountered throughout the game. Different locations can be discovered as you progress through the story and the game. Each location has their own set of characteristics, Characters, Merchants, Enemies, and Bosses. Specific guides and points of interest can be found on each of their location pages below. After exploring a location, these areas can then be accessed through their Access Points which is NieR Automata's version of fast traveling. 

How to Unlock Fast Traveling in Nier Automata

Players start off with the ability to transport to the Resistance Camp and The Bunker at the start of the game, but are limited to these Locations. Fast Traveling is a feature that found in NieR Automata, but cannot be accessed at the start of the game other than to and from the Resistance Camp and The Bunker. Players will need to progress through a bit of the game to eventually unlock the feature in chapter 5. Play through the chapter and beat the boss found at the City Ruins, then speak to Jackass in the cavern who will introduce you to Access Point nearby. These Access Points will have a few interaction options. One of them is the ability to transport which will be the main method of Fast travel in the game. 

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Jackass and the new Access Point

What are Acccess Points in NieR Automata

Access Points in NieR Automata are save and teleport locations in Nier: Automata. From here, players can save their game, transport to other access points, or access their Inbox (Mailbox). As you explore the game's open world you'll encounter spots called Access Points which are shielded by enemy protection. Upon defeating the enemies, you can access them and unlock map info, save your game or access your inbox for messages. Upon death you also respawn from them. 

Locked Chests in NieR Automata

As you explore, you'll find some locked chests you can't access. To learn how, check out the How To Open Locked Chests page. One locked chest located next to the remains of a truck would allude to NieR: Automata taking place in Japan. "Paper Attached to Vehicle" is a collectible intel record of a traffic violation notice. The traffic violation was issued from Police Constable Kenichi Sato of Maihama Police to Yosuke Saito in 2013.  Kenichi Sato is the president of Platinum Games and Yosuke Saito is an executive producer of Square Enix.  While amusing, this information would point to NieR: Automata taking place in Urayasu, Japan, as Maihama Station is located there.  Urayasu is a city in the Greater Tokyo Area, the in game location of NieR: Gestalt/Replicant.  Coincidentally, Urayasu is home to Tokyo Disney Resort, a location possibly represented by the Amusement Park area.  Another piece of anecdotal evidence would be the in game location of Kaine's Shack, both in NieR: Gestalt/Replicant and NieR: Automata. "Paper Attached to Vehicle" is located in a locked chest near the remains of a truck.  Can be reached from City Ruins: Near Factory Access Point as 9S.  

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    • There is mention of District F Ward 3D in the short story Observation diary of the orbital base"The Bunker." Does anyone know where this is in relation to the Nier Automata universe? Or is this part of contemporary Tokyo and surrounding areas?

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