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Gender Female
Other Name/s Resistance Member
Voice Actor Kaori Kawabuchi (JP)
Amanda Céline Miller (EN)

Jackass is an NPC in NieR: Automata. Jackass is a Resistance Android that tends to do various jobs for YoRHa and the Resistance itself. NPCs are characters aside from the main player character that can be interacted with or encountered during the game. These NPCs provide additional dialogue, information, services, items or additional Quests and rewards when interacting with them. Various Shopkeepers, Operators, and some senient Machines will be classified as NPC in NieR: Automata. Find information on all Jackass interactions, services or related quests below or view NPCs to view a list of all available NPCs in the game.


Don't go trying to be a hero, all right?


Jackass Information NieR Automata

  • Jackass is a Resistance Android that tends to do various jobs for YoRHa and the Resistance itself.  She is quite fond of explosives and experimentation, going so far to isolate the cause why androids enjoy fighting and isolating a way to invoke the sensations via drugs.  (Labled E-Drug) She is also head of storage for the Resistance, though according to a Resistance member working for her, she tends to completely ruin the organization frequently.
  • On the surface she seems chaotic and excitable, however she exhibits advanced knowledge and deductive skills, seeming to be able to find out information that would normally be hard to come by.  She also exhibits signs of being a sociopath at times.
  • Scientific in nature, enjoys experiments

Gameplay interactions:

  • Gives you Mackeral (Consume/Use the Mackeral to unlock ending aji wo [K]utta)
  • Gives you Machine Research Report (Automatically added after ending C/D)
  • Gives you her bomb recipe after helping her warehouse worker.


Jackass Related Quests in NieR Automata


Jackass Location and Where to find in NieR Automata

  • Desert Zone
  • In the caves under the first area of the Desert (During Amnesia)


Jackass Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Jackass NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.



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    • Anonymous

      apparently she's the one who writes the report on machine research, in the archives, stating at the end that she'll kill every machine and anyone involved with yorha. shes also the information analysis officer which gives her quite the few job roles

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