Apologetic Machine

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Apologetic Machine is an NPC in NieR: Automata. The interactions with this NPC is limited and it ends with the character's self destruction. NPCs are characters aside from the main player character that can be interacted with or encountered during the game. These NPCs provide additional dialogue, information, services, items or additional Quests and rewards when interacting with them. Various Shopkeepers, Operators, and some senient Machines will be classified as NPC in NieR: Automata. Find information on all Apologetic Machine interactions, services or related quests below or view NPCs to view a list of all available NPCs in the game.


I shall self-destruct for you convenience!


Apologetic Machine Information NieR Automata

  • This machine guards the entrance to a mystery bunker. It has been revealed to be part of the DLC3C3C1D119440927
  • If you talk to it, it will warn you to walk away, as the place will fill you with rage
  • It decides that your misfortune is too terrible, it must self-destruct so you may obtain materials that may aid you
  • "One day, you will find out the truth, I am certain"


Apologetic Machine Related Quests in NieR Automata

  • n/a


Apologetic Machine Location and Where to find in NieR Automata

  • You will find him in the Desert Zone between the Desert: Center and Desert: Oil Field save point. If you zoom the map a little closer, you'll see a small black dot. The locked door he's guarding won't be inaccessible until ??.
  • He is also located in the Flooded city behind a skyscraper, southwest of the map, due north of the flight suits.
  • You can also find him at the northenmost section of the Forest Kingdom, behind a waterfall.


Apologetic Machine Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Apologetic Machine NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.



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