The Forest Kingdom


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The Forest Kingdom is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"Pascal has informed you there's another group of machines within the Forest, but warns you they are very territorial and hostile even to other machines. Investigate the area to learn more about them."


The Forest Kingdom Objectives

  1. Head to the forest via the commercial facility.
  2. Look Around
  3. Defeat the Machines
  4. Investigate the Forest
  5. Defeat the YoRHa prototype A2



The Forest Kingdom Rewards



The Forest Kingdom Walkthrough

  • Head to the Forest Zone by porting to City Ruins: Near the Tower. Once there head to the left, across the bridge, to a door and trigger a short dialogue. Defeat the machines you are attacked by, then pursue the fleeing machine and destroy it to trigger an event that unlocks further progress.
  • Continue to the Forest Zone and through it, past the waterfall and bridges to access the castle. Once in the Castle, push onwards past many machine defenders until you arrive at the Royal Chamber access point.
  • Fight with YoRHa A2 until if flees, then pursue her down the entrance of the castle.
  • An event with Command and Pascal will follow, unlocking the next quest: Report on A2




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