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Twisted Religion is a Main Story Quest in NieR: Automata


"The peace-seeking machines at the Abandoned Factory went crazy with religious fervor when their leader died, and attacked 2B and Pascal."


Twisted Religion Objectives

  1. Escape using the elevator
  2. Escape from the abandoned factory
  3. ??



Twisted Religion Rewards

  • ??
  • ??



Twisted Religion Walkthrough

  • You should kill the large hostile group of Small Biped attacking you, then flee through the elevator that opens. Up the lift, a Biped controlled by 9S helps you escape
  • Run through some long bridges and onto conveyor belts, avoiding enemies and defeating what you can without getting smashed by the giant presses. You'll emerge to a room with two Multi-leg Medium Model enemies. After defeating them, go out the door and follow the broken stairs up via double-jumps, then get onto the conveyor belt and avoid the axe-wielding Small Sphere enemies.
  • You will come to a room with a group of Scared Believer machines. Activate the lift by them and go into it. In the next room, an electromagnetic level 30 Goliath Biped awaits. Defeat to unlock a new Access Point - Factory: Hangar.
  • Go back down the lift and to the room with the group, then take the other door. You'll get a small sidescrolls section going up. Watch out for the Small Exploder enemies that spawn here and on the following conveyor belt.
  • After the belt, some innocent machines are being attacked. Each one you save will give you  and 1,000 G and one recovery item: Small Recovery from the first one, Medium Recovery from the second and third, and Large Recovery from the fourth and fifth. It is unknown what rewards are received from further saved machines; this will need to be tested further. 
  • Continue on past some multi-leg medium models that are crawling on walls and into a room where you can unlock the Access Point - Factory: Furnace. Take the lift next to it after saving.
  • From here, the next area contains a boss encounter: Multi-legged Goliath Level 30. It's a pretty challenging boss due to the darkness of the room and the speed of its attacks. Head toward the lift after defeating it and follow the familiar route out of the factory as the religious machines suicide.
  • Once outside, you will see Eve is becoming corrupted and angry over the death of his brother Adam.
  • This begins the quest Weird Machines




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??



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