Status in NieR: Automata will be shown below.


In Nier:Automata your Status provoides information such as Character, Level, Funds (G), EXP, HP, Attack, Ranged Atttack, Defense and Buffs.  These can be viewed in your System Menu while on the Tabs Quests, Items, Weapons, Skills, Intel, System.


Character: Shows what character you are playing. (2B / 9S / A2)


Lv: Shows your current level.  Your level will increase once you gain enough EXP.


Funds (G): Shows your current amount of money.  G can be gained from killing enemies, looting boxes, and selling items.  G drops can be boosted when G Luck+ Support Items are used.


EXP: Shows how much exp you have total.  EXP can be gained from killing enemies, hacking, and quests.  Exp gain can be increased when EXP Gain Up Plug-in Chips are equiped.


HP: Your Life.  When your HP drops to 0, you get a game over.  When your level up, your max hp will increase.  HP can be recovered using Restorative Items, Defense Chips and Support Chips.  HP can be increased by Max HP up Plug-in Chips - they increase only maximum HP, so you have to heal yourself.  "Self-destruct" drops your health to 1, but you stay alive (it also destroys part of your clothes).


ATTACK: Damage dealt with Melee Weapons.  Can be increased by Leveling Up, Weapon Attack Up Plug-in Chips, Upgrading Weapons and Enhancement Items.  (Some weapons increase attack from Special Abilities after being Upgraded.)


Ranged Attack: Damage dealt with Pods.  Can be increased by Leveling Up, Ranged Attack Up Plug-in Chips, Upgrading Pods and Enhancement Items.


Defense: Defense effects how much damage is taken from enemy attacks.  Defense can be increase by Leveling Up, Defense Chips, and Enhancement Items.


Buffs: Buffs can be viewed as Icons on your System Menu at the bottom of the Status Box. (The empty squares under Defense) or on your HUD under your HP Gauge.  Buffs will show boosts from Enhancement Items and Support Items such as Melee / Ranged Attack, Melee / Ranged Defense, Skill Cooldown, Stagger, Movement Speed, G Luck, Electrical Nullifiaction (Shows Chip Icon in Status Menu).  There is a Icon that shows up only when playing 9S.

Melee Attack UpRanged Attack UpMelee Defense UpRanged Defense UpSkill SalveImpact Bracer (Stagger)Speed Salve (Movement Speed)G Luck (Money Drops+)Volt-Proof Salve (Electrical Nullification)


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