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Other Name/s Juliet 1
Juliet 2
Juliet 3
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Juliet is an NPC in NieR: Automata. Juliet is an Amicable Machine that cannot be directly interacted with, but can be encountered by viewing the play Romeos and Juliets. NPCs are characters aside from the main player character that can be interacted with or encountered during the game. These NPCs provide additional dialogue, information, services, items or additional Quests and rewards when interacting with them. Various Shopkeepers, Operators, and some senient Machines will be classified as NPC in NieR: Automata. Find information on all Juliet interactions, services or related quests below or view NPCs to view a list of all available NPCs in the game.


O Romeo.Romeo. wherefore art thou, Romeo? 


Juliet Information NieR Automata

  • See Also: Romeo
  • Juliet is one of 3 Juliet characters that appears on a stage one after the other as featured in their Romeos and Juliets play.
  • You can have your stamp card stamped here for Stamp Collecting after your encounter with Romeo and Juliet
  • One of the machine lifeforms known as Juliet. After spewing a non-stop diatribe of abuse, she suddenly descended into a murderous rampage. She managed to survive the bloodbath that took the lives of her fellow Romeos and Juliets, but killed herself soon thereafter due to grief over the loss of her beloved.


Juliet Related Quests in NieR Automata


Juliet Location and Where to find in NieR Automata


Juliet Trivia, Note & Tips NieR Automata

  • Juliet NieR: Automata Notes, Tips and other Trivia.



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