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N2 is the main antagonist of NieR: Automata


Red Girl Information

"Official name: "Terminal". A program projected by the network server of the machine lifeforms. The self-evolution program installed by the Pods eventually fractured its ego, causing the various aspects of its personality to turn on each other."


Red Girl Locations

  • *Spoilers*
    • The White Tower
    • Seen during route B at the alien mothership after Adam and Eve are defeated.
    • On the Bunker at the end of route B when 9S enters the flight unit to save 2B.
    • Makies multiple subsiquent appearances during route C.


  • Represents the artificial intelligences know also as The Tower.
  • Refered in game as "N2" by Jackass


    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2017 04:13  

      she also appears when you are leaving the Bunker after everyone gets virus, I think in both A and B routes

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2017 02:17  
        so this is one of the best theories concerning the red girl which would shower her true importance to the story and project yorha and includes the reason why she was in those 2 locations in the 9s route.
        If this is true then we totally underestimated yoko taro's true genius in the story writing of nier:automata

        • Anonymous

          04 May 2017 23:05  

          She's in the 9S (Route B) cutscene where Adam and Eve teleport away from the Alien ship after they fight 2B and 9S

          • 17 Apr 2017 21:22  

            I want to know every single locations we can see her/them on. I mean, I have seen her on two locations in the background while I was talking to a NPC or interacting with something. I do NOT remember where I saw her the first time but the second was inside the bunker. Anyone knows more locations and the story why she is there?

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