Type Special Unit Machine
Location Flooded City
Other Names n/a
Voice Actor n/a
?? 10

Grün is a Boss in NieR: Automata. Grün are Special Unit Machine that initially encountered following the boss encounter against Goliath Flyer. This encounter is made up of a few Phases where players have to clear each area and target the EMP cores when visible.  Bosses are special larger Enemies that can be encountered throughout the game in different Locations. A Boss encounter will usually signify game progress or a chapter ending when following the main storyline. Some of these bosses may first be encountered As NPCs to introduce some Lore and backstory before they are inevitably faced in a Combat encounter as a Boss. Boss encountered are identified by their introductory title that will be displayed just before combat begins. Their HP bar and Level will also be displayed above the character throughout the combat encounter. Some bosses in the game may be optional and avoided. All information on optional or required bosses stats, Locations, encounters and strategies can be found on their designated Bosses


 A machine lifeform of extreme size that was developed specifically to annihilate androids. However, due to its tendency to also attack its fellow machines, it was eventually discarded into the sea. The part that was initially thought to be its entire body turned out to be merely its head, causing this colossus to reach over 1,000 meters into the sky when standing. 

Seemingly invincible due to powerful EMP defenses and thick armor, the unit was eventually destroyed when 9S directed missiles straight into his mouth. 


NieR Automata Grün Location


NieR Automata Grün Information

  • Type: Special Unit Machine
  • HP: ??
  • Lv: EMP Generator Lv. 10 (Route A), Lv 20 (Route B)
  • Grün is not an optional encounter.
  • Players will encounter Grün after being sent to this location by Anemone.
  • In order to destroy it, you will have to destroy its EMP cores.


NieR Automata Grün Drops  


Grün Strategies NieR Automata

Grün Strategy (Melee) NieR Automata

Grun's boss fight is done through aerial combat. It follows a series of aerial machine encounters including the boss fight aginst the Goliath Flyer. During this encounter, you will continue to face smaller machine units that you may need to shoot down. As you continue to face these smaller machine units, the game will continue to progress through the dialogue informing you to destroy the EMP generator. This will be towards Grun's rear. Clear your path as you make your way back, avoiding all incoming orbs and lasers. 

As units enter the screen, take your androids and move away from their incoming directions so you have time to clear them with your ranged attacks. This will also give you space to clear any incoming orbs that are released. Continue to do this and soon, you will make your way to the EMP Generator. This will continue to release an array or orbs you will need to shoot at. 

Facing the EMP Generator, you will need to clear the 4 orbs on the rim of the large one. Be careful when lining up with them to shoot since they will occasionally also release a laser beam. Focus your shots on them until it rotates, then steer clear and be ready to dodge the lasers as they move. They can cross inrwards towards you, forcing you to recenter and approach, or otherwise quickly get through the laser, taking in some damage so you can continue to destroy the orbs. Each of them will have a set level. You may also start shooting at the center. Clear all generator orbs to finish off the EMP Generator so you can focus on Grun again. 

From here, you will need to continue clearing smaller machine units until you are taken to the next area again. 9S will take you to the Mortar. After you shoot it, the next cutscene will start and soon after the next phase will begin. You will need to continue clearing incoming enemy units. Depending if you're on Route A or Route B, this next section will show 2B or 9S's individual tasks.

As 2B (Route A): 9S will be taking a different approach and you will need to clear the enemy units on your own. When surrounded, use your melee attacks to clear the space around you until you reach the EMP generator much like the first one. You will need to go through the same steps. Clear the the generator orbs on the rim and the large on in the center. Be careful since the center orb can release a large cluster or energy orbs. When you can approach, get close enough to use your melee attacks and attack until it is destroyed. Once that is done, you will need to continue fighting off the smaller machine units while making your way to the next generators. Eventually a Missile impact timer will appear. The end of the countdown will signify the missile collision. The collision will end the sequence and trigger a cutscene and the boss fight will end. 

As 9S (Route B): Continue to clear any enemy units ahead and avoid incoming orbs. Stay on the edges as they approach. Eventually you will reach the Missiles and you will be given control. Aim for its mouth. The collision will end the sequence and trigger a cutscene, ending the boss battle.


Grün Attacks NieR Automata

First Phase
Laser Shoots out a large laser beam. Move over or below them
Orb release Orbs are sporadically released from the unit in all directions. They are slow moving and can be dodged or shot at. 
Smaller Machine Units Smaller machine units will be scattered throughout the fight releasing orbs. Back away as they enter the screen and give yourself space to shoot them down before they approach. 
Attack Name Description and Counter
Missiles  Launches a set of missiles. As soon as you see them, move away until they make contact. 
Second Phase (EMP) Generator
Laser Shoots out a large laser beam. Move over or below them. As soon as the generator rotates, anticipate the lasers to shoot form the orbs on the rim and distance yourself to give yourself space to move away. 
Orb release Orbs are sporadically released from the tank in all directions. They are slow moving and can be dodged or shot at. These generators will release these orbs in different forms including a spray of orbs or close clusters that can be released periodically. 

Grün Notes & Trivia NieR Automata

  • Grün NieR Automata Notes & Tips go here.
  • Starting this quest will automatically fail many side quests in the current run. Visiting the Ocean location before this quest is prompted by Anemone will not affect the other side mission.
  • Most likely named after Karl Theodor Ferdinand Grün, a radical political activist and theorist whose political philosophy was influenced by Hegel and Feuerbach. Grün was exiled to Belgium only to return during the Revolutions of 1848, after which he was once again exiled. He was also a colleague of Karl Marx. 

Grün Gallery NieR Automata

Gr%C3%BCn Aerial Battle Front Gr%C3%BCn Close Up Front Gr%C3%BCn Aircraft Carrier Destroyed Front

Gr%C3%BCn Twin Lasers True Front Gr%C3%BCn 9S Missile Hacking Front Gr%C3%BCn Destroyed Front


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      Probably named after Karl Theodor Ferdinand Grün, a German journalist, philosopher, political theorist and socialist politician. He played a prominent role in radical political movements leading up to the Revolution of 1848 and participated in the revolution. As a target of Marx's criticism, Grün played a role in the development of early Marxism.

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