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Emil is a Boss in Nier: Automata. A returning character from the first game, he is a disembodied head that possesses the body of a heavily-modified auto rickshaw.

Emil Unit Data

"This mysterious creature emerged from inside of a machine lifeform and set up shop after obtaining a new body. While he calls himself Emil, his true identity is a mystery. Once he discovered who had been stealing from his room, he was incited to fight. But after being defeated, he was reduced to tears by the realization that only power matters in this world"





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To initiate the fight you need to talk to Emil and he will tell you where he lives. Head to the part of the City Ruins that has huge tree roots leading to a broken overpass (near the sewer entrance that leads to the Amusement Park). Under the roots is the roof of a building (the same one where the third Speed Star's race finishes); drop down to it, nearby should be a pipe that you can enter to find an elevator. After you exit the elevator, you will find the City Ruins: Deep Cave area that will eventually lead you to Emil's Residence. Take the item on the ground and return to Emil. After Emil told you that he boosted security in his home, go down to Emil's Residence again and open the locked chest with 9S and take the item inside. After exiting the room, the boss fight should trigger properly.


First Encounter - If you have already defeated the Amusement Park Rabbit then Emil should pose no problem. He is a higher level enemy, but is easier to dispatch because of his lower defence stat. Trying to hack him is not recommended as it takes a very long time, instead stay close to him and bait his easily dodgeable melee attacks and counter whenever you can. After you deal with him, he will drop the Emil Heads  combat bracers, make sure you grab these to access the second part of his fight.

Second Encounter - After upgrading every weapon to max level, a quest marker will appear at the abandoned shopping center, once you're there, talk to Emil and Pod will tell you that he is heading to the desert. Once you're on location you will find Emil once again, talk to him to initiate the boss fight. This boss is very similar in appearance and mechanics to the Hegel boss that was previously fought by A2. Apply the same strategy to this boss and equip all of your strongest attack chips to end the fight as quickly as possible. After you do enough damage a sequence of dialogue will play out and you will be given two options regarding the outcome of this battle:

A. Let the self-destruct countdown finish and receive the ending: Head[Y] Battle.
B. Interrupt the countdown by destroying the giant Emil head and complete the quest.

Attacks - First Encounter

Indiscriminate Fire Fires Emil heads at all direction, does massive damage.
Laser Charges up and then continuously fires a particle beam of red light.
720° Laser Charges up his laser and then fires it while spinning twice.
Wheelie Charge Rams you with his body.
Stoppie Spin Swings body around while moving towards the player
Judgement Day Becomes available at 30% health. Causes instant death.

Attacks - Second Encounter

Carpet Bombing Flies up to the sky in a formation and rain down countless Emil heads.
Spread Fire Fires Emil Heads forward in a spread pattern.
Eye Lasers Charges up and continuously fires two beams of red light from the eyes.


Notes & Trivia

  • If you can't get into Emil's residence (The door shows a red light) try speaking to him again, the sequence for this quest seems to reset ever time you chapter select.
  • It is strongly recommended, not to fight this boss until you are at least Lvl 70.
  • Ideally you fight this boss from "chapter select" after completing Route C.
  • From chapter select, it's best to fight him on Route A/B, and not on route C.
  • When you fight him the signs on his banner changes from BARGAIN DAY and SALE into JUDGEMENT DAY and PAIN.
  • After you upgraded all weapons to max level you can still buy items from him.
  • You can get Emil-type bullets by clearing the Flooded City Trials from DLC 3C3C1D119440927.




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    • Anonymous

      I killed both him and his heads in the desert. Didn't get the trophy. Thank god for the ability to buy them, but it sucks that I have to do it

      • Anonymous

        For anyone still struggling with second Emil fight I just ran antibullet pod program and tons of weapon damage with spear on 9s and threw that thing to the win

        • Anonymous

          If the fights are too hard, connect to the network and repair bodies. You might get lucky like me and have someone way stronger fight the battle for you

          • Anonymous

            After defeated the boss Emil in the desert, the game asked me to save the party (what I did) and now, the door is close and impossible to get the Bonus Piece G. Others people got the same problem ? My party is dead to upgrade the last pod lvl4 ?

            • Anonymous

              Tho im at lvl 82 when I first found out Emil, I just ran my usual equipment (glass cannon type)
              Weapon atk up 2x +6
              Auto heal +3
              evade up +3
              overclock +2
              anti chain

              I was using 9s (+usurper spear) and one thing that helped me fight was using the pod program Bomb (A:130); helped clear his head spam and just focused on charge spearing him. It was always ready to use just in time when he releases next batch of heads. Try to use offline mode too as it can help avoid retrieving bodies by accident when using items.

              • Anonymous

                Not sure what's considered "low-level", but I beat the first form at level 68 after a few tries with a pretty simple trick: if you have enough HP to survive at least one hit from his physical attack, a Vengeance +6 or higher chip will do way more damage to him than your attacks will (including hacking; I don't know about higher levels, but hacking Emil seems to do nothing). Max out on healing items, deliberately run into him while he's spinning, heal immediately after each hit, and 35%-50% of the time you'll take off a fair chunk of health.

                To optimize the strat even further, max out your HP with chips and taunt him so he does even more damage to him/you (don't use physical defense chips unless you have to; pretty sure that reduces the damage he does to himself). Ideally you want him to just barely not be killing you with each hit. Ranged Defense, Anti-Chain Damage, and Auto-Use Item chips also help a ton. 2-4 hits should be enough to take him down once he gets below 30%.

                Also, does anyone know if Reset chips can revive you when he uses his explosion attack? It doesn't seem like they'd allow that, but I'm curious if anyone else had better luck than I did.

                • Anonymous

                  So after testing this myself I hope this helps anyone who still comes back to this page
                  -you ONLY need to upgrade all weapons to max for the 2nd encounter
                  -the first encounter can only be done by 9S because you need him to hack the chest for when you go back into the cave
                  -after the 1st fight, chapter selecting will NOT reset your progress as it only triggers once every weapon is upgraded and seems to count as a separate thing
                  -the only way to fight him as A2 in the 2nd encounter seems to be when you select to play her during the chapter *SPOILER* Pascal's Despair

                  • Anonymous

                    Well I started the quest when I was waaay underlerlevel but now I'm back. But after satrting the quest again, emil does not appear I guess it's because I already had a Emil mask and I dont know how to delete it. :/

                    • Anonymous

                      This post-game content is SO confusing. "best to do him from chapter select"... Which chapter?!? The chapter system really ruins the new game+ experience. I can never figure out which chapter to load to find these things

                      • Anonymous

                        " If you have already defeated the Amusement Park Rabbit then Emil should pose no problem." bull goddamn*****

                        • Anonymous

                          I'm so sorry for him. He did nothing wrong and i robbed him twice then fought and damaged him. His voice after his defeat was so sad, i wish i could apologize to him.

                          • Anonymous

                            I can't seem to damage him at all during the first encounter, even when I hack him. Am I just under leveled? (61)

                            • Anonymous

                              I've upgraded all thr weapons previously before encountering emil for the first time

                              and then I've encountered with him, defeated him and now the mission mark on the map didn't appear

                              what should I do know?

                              • Anonymous

                                Guys it's 2018. Can we get some pictures to show the location of Emil's Residence instead of poorly worded instructions?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Wow just got outside his residence and it is a graveyard. Nothing but android corpses (dead players) everywhere. I tried to see if I could retrieve all of them but when I was halfway done even more spawned.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I have already upgraded all weapons to LV4, but I still have a Pod pending to upgrade, due to lack of Power up part L (I cannot farm it frommthe rabbit even if I fought it like 10 times!).

                                    Is it a requirement to have all Pods to MAX as well? ALso, as the person below, I wanto to fight it with A2/2B, but I am afraid to switch chapters. Is it still possible to do it?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      during the 2nd encounter you can melt half (more if you get lucky) of the multi-emil's life with the fully upgraded 2nd pod. i used range atk +8 with large range atk up consumable. when it spawns just fire at the spawn point using the shotgun effect over and over hitting each segment. do not follow the main head until after it has completely emerged from ground.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Dismiss what I said, went back as 9S and the Quest was still marked as cleared. It's just that only 9S can make it, which it's a waste not using A2...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Don't switch chapter when on this Quest, not even after first encounter... Wanted to fight the second encounter as A2 and now I'm back to square one.

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