Emil Heads


120 - 150

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Combat Bracers



Emil Heads are Combat Bracers in NieR: Automata


Emil Heads Information


"Unique weapons shaped like Emil's head."

  1. "Weapons shaped like Emil's head, made of an unknown singular element."



Where to Find\Location

  • City Ruins
  • Rewarded after winning the Emil boss fight.




  • Talk to Emil and he will tell you where he lives. Head to the part of the City Ruins that has huge tree veins leading to a broken bridge (near the sewer entrance that leads to the Amusement Park). Under the veins is the roof of a building, drop down to it, nearby should be a pipe that you can enter to find an elevator. After you exit the elevator, you will find the City Ruins: Deep Cave area that will eventually lead you to Emil's Residence. Take the item on the ground (you will obtain the accessory, Emil Mask).  Speak to Emil again and he will mention boosting security after the break in.  Visit his home once again to take the Emil Head accesory (must be 9S to hack open the locked chest).  Upon leaving, you will initiate the the Emil boss battle and you will obtain the weapon upon defeating him.
  • Stun Up makes it easier to stagger enemies when you hit them.
  • Insanity makes Emil talk in your head every time you attack. So have fun with that.



Emil Heads' Insanity has following phrases:

  • "Emil beam!"
  • "Emil blast!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Thanks frendo."
  • "Step aside please, coming through."
  • "Hey there." 
  • "Konnichiwa!" 





LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1  120 - 150 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
 N/A  N/A
2  216 - 270  Light: 6
Heavy: 2
 Stun Up Rusted Clump x5, Broken Key x5, Crystal x5
3  336 - 420 Light: 6
Heavy: 3
Stun Up Dented Plate x4, Titanium Alloy x3, Severed Cable x3, Amber x2
4  456 - 570 Light: 8
Heavy: 3
Stun Up
Memory Alloy x2, Severed Cable x5, Pristine Cable x3, Machine Head x2, Moldavite x1


Weapon Story


 Level 1


[09/02/12422]  I confirmed that the machine lifeforms released by the aliens have reconstructed their network.  I've started to see units with gravity-controlling capabilities again as well.


 Level 2


[10/15/12422]  I was spawned about a week ago, so I don't have clear recollections of anything before that.  Say, I wonder where the Original disappeared to all those millennia ago...


 Level 3


[12/14/12422]  I confirmed that the 25th one born after me has stopped his biological activity.  Although we're technically immortal - since we can respawn indefinitely and all - we're still not exempt from death.


 Level 4


[01/19/12423]  Our memories are only copies, so they're pretty vague.  That android wearing black...  I have the feeling I've met her before.  She had a complicated look on her face, but I can't remember anything...





Combat Bracers
Angel's Folly  ♦  Bare Fists  ♦  Cruel Lament  ♦  Demon's Cry  ♦  Type-3 Fists  ♦  Type-4O Fists


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    • Anonymous

      to get the emil with the desired items, talk to him, use the teleport, then try finding the right emil near the resistence camp

      • Anonymous

        Some one there? I didnt beat emil and already have thsi weapon, i was on chapter 15 i believe with 9S and went to the pascal village i found pascal and she had no memories about his village but then she offered me to buy something and she had parts of robots of his village + this weapon. Is this new?

        • Anonymous

          That android can only be 2B. Why? Thing is A2 doesn't have a valid reason to exist for 500 years more. Her goal was to fight as long as possible hoping that she will get killed to rejoin her comrades. In short she doesn't want to live as much as 9S or 2B and the machines and forces of humanity make a truce which is one less reason to live for A2 (if she stays the same), there won't be war anymore like before. Yoko Taro said that we can decide if she wakes u******ot after ending "E" which means that Emil surely saw 2B or else the freedom to choose if A2 wakes u******ot is gone. Unlike A2, 2B has a solid reason to exist that is not just about fighting - she wants to be with 9S. Both of them wake up and start to live their own lives without YoRHa or it's commands. The android Emil saw after 500 years can only be 2B which would also mean that 9S exists as well since neither of them want to live without the other. Also A2 is not exactly dressed unlike 2B which is dressed in black. The female android Emil saw is 2B and it's nice to see her spent 500 years with 9S or even more. They will die in the end one way or another but 500 years is a solid period of time to enjoy the world. P.S. If i spammed it was not my intention. My comments didn't post for a time.

          • Anonymous

            That android at level 4 story can only be 2B since Yoko Taro said that it is our decision if A2 awakens or not meaning that her fate is up to us while the fate of 2B canonically is her being alive.
            Also A2 doesn't really wear black clothes, just rags. Add also the fact that Emil had a ton more interractions with 2B and 9S so it would make sense for them to stick in his mind.
            There is also a sighting of an android wearing black, one year earlier, year 12422.
            The gap between the events in the game and year 12423 is 477 years. That gives us enough information that 2B and 9S (because they can't live without each other) are together for 477 years now.
            Also we learn that android bodies without constantly engaged in combat with light repairs can survive without the Bunker for centuries.

            • Anonymous

              ————————Spoilers———————— Weapon story level 4 confirms that ending E is canon because the person Emil mentions is 2B, and she’s alive after 500 years too! On another note, weapon story level 1 talks about the establishment of a new network, anyone here hoping this is a hint for a sequel?

              • Anonymous

                Not gonna lie, I really think the android Emil saw is A2, but idk I just rlly like the fact that A2 has Kainé's memories so I guess I'm looking for something that could connect them again lol

                • Anonymous

                  Emil Heads' Insanity has following frases:
                  >Emil beam!
                  >Emil blast!
                  >Take this!
                  >Thanks frendo.
                  >Step aside plese, coming through.
                  >Hey there.
                  Plese edit it in article someone.

                  • Anonymous

                    In the bad ending of the concert script, After finding out it's impossible to reactivate 9S, 2B sit quietly by 9S body forever. Maybe this is the cannon ending and at some point 2B start moving again, it kinda explains the "complicated" look of the android wearing black

                    • Anonymous

                      Important to note: These logs are dated almost 500 years AFTER the events of the game (11945)


                      ...Which implies that Ending E is the canon ending, and that events continue from that point.

                      • Anonymous

                        To the north eastern top of the desert there is a large array of various sized emil heads lying around since the war. Pretty spooky

                        • Anonymous

                          I had opened the chest the first time I entered this cave, don't ask me how. It was kinda weird because after I beat Emil, the chest that should've had the weapon was already open, and the weapon was not in my inventory. There was also nothing lying next to Emil either.

                          What I did was walk back all the way to the sewer pipe, and return the Emil's Residence again. There you'll find the weapon on the counter of the cottage as a pick-up item.

                          • Anonymous

                            Deep inside i'm hopeful that 2B and 9S started mercy killing his clones, that's why he confirms death of one of them and sees 2B later. At this point existence makes him suffer way more than death would.

                            • Anonymous

                              ***Moderate hidden boss spoilers***

                              This is so *****ed. Why must Emil suffer any more, let alone with the existential horror we see in the battle with his clones...

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