Virtuous Grief


120 - 150

Combo Light


Combo Heavy



Combat Bracers



Virtuous Grief are Combat Bracers in NieR: Automata


Virtuous Grief Information


"Weapons made of white armor from the East."

  1. "Stark white samurai gauntlets, kept pristine.  Their master never saw a moment of conflict."



Where to Find\Location

  • Located in the forest zone. Find a large waterfall, where the river flows through a small stone bridge. Follow the river downstream until the cliff and turn right to the rock path. Follow it until you find an android corpse. Jump/dash across gap in front of android corpse to see a tree stump with chains in front of it. 
  • Before going inside stump, you'll have to face a Lv 33 Medium Biped and several Lv ~30 flyers. After defeating them, inside stump is weapon Virtuous Grief.




  • ATK Speed Up, shockingly, increases attack speed.
  • Holy Blessing increases your attack when your health is full.




LvL Attack Combo Other Improvement Materials Needed
1 120 - 150 Light: 5
Heavy: 2
- -
2 216 - 270 Light: 6
Heavy: 2
ATK Speed Up Rusted Clump x5, Beast Hide x5, Crystal x5
3 336 - 420 Light: 7
Heavy: 2
ATK Speed Up Dented Plate x4, Titanium Alloy x3, Severed Cable x3, Amber x2
4 456 - 570 Light: 8
Heavy: 3

ATK Speed Up
Holy Blessing

Memory Alloy x2, Severed Cable x5, Pristine Cable x3, Machine Head x2, Moldavite x1


Weapon Story


 Level 1


I see you in my sleep.

Restless sleep.

My heart flies to pieces each time I wake.

I burn to see you in the real world.


 Level 2


I hunt for the woman who pines for you.

The scream pleases me.

Your body and heart shall be mine.


 Level 3


Your heart.  I long for it.

Yet it does not return my love in kind.

All you care for is your cold, dead wife.

So I must at least take your body.


 Level 4


Your head is mine.  Beautiful head.

The eyes that scorned me are so lovely now.

Hate me if you like.  Begrudge me all.

You are still mine forever.




    • Anonymous

      22 May 2017 12:27  

      This weapon story becomes creepy when you understand that it's about N2's feelings to 9S over the course of route C.

      • Anonymous

        10 May 2017 05:14  

        ""Stark white samurai gauntlets"

        ...not quite.

        I've no idea why all the gauntlet weapons are helmets or heads, rather than gloves or fists.

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