Beast Hide



Beast Hide is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 Skin acquired from a wild beast.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location



  • A total of 40 Beast Hides required for all upgrades.
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Amber  ♦  Ancient Mask  ♦  Black Pearl  ♦  Boar Meat  ♦  Broken Battery  ♦  Broken Circuit  ♦  Broken Key  ♦  Children's Cores  ♦  Clean Nut  ♦  Complex Gadget  ♦  Copper Ore  ♦  Crushed Nut  ♦  Crystal  ♦  Dented Plate  ♦  Dented Socket  ♦  Drab Bracelet  ♦  Dye  ♦  Eagle Eggs  ♦  Elaborate Gadget  ♦  Filler Metal  ♦  Giant Egg  ♦  Gold Ore  ♦  Iron Ore  ♦  Large Gear  ♦  Lovely Choker  ♦  Machine Arm  ♦  Machine Core  ♦  Machine Head  ♦  Machine Leg  ♦  Machine Oil  ♦  Machine Torso  ♦  Meteorite  ♦  Meteorite Shard  ♦  Moldavite  ♦  Moose Meat  ♦  Mushroom  ♦  Natural Rubber  ♦  New Bolt  ♦  Pearl  ♦  Plant Seed  ♦  Powerup Part L  ♦  Powerup Part M  ♦  Powerup Part S  ♦  Precious Earrings  ♦  Pristine Cable  ♦  Pristine Screw  ♦  Pure Water  ♦  Pyrite  ♦  Rusted Clump  ♦  Rusty Bolt  ♦  Severed Cable  ♦  Shattered Earring  ♦  Silver Ore  ♦  Simple Gadget  ♦  Small Gear  ♦  Stretched Coil  ♦  Stripped Screw  ♦  Sturdy Socket  ♦  Tanning Agent  ♦  Tech Manual  ♦  Thick Dictionary  ♦  Titanium Alloy  ♦  Torn Book  ♦  Tree Sap  ♦  Tree Seed  ♦  Viscous Oil  ♦  Volt-Proof Salve  ♦  Warped Wire


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    • Anonymous

      You can farm Beast Hide early on without fighting them. Did farm them on my first visit in Resistance Camp. Just buy Sachet to not let them run from you and then buy tons of Animal Bait. You can do the Save & Load trick on the City Ruins: Near Factory where there are 3 Moose. Use Animal Bait and then ride them, go to the broken bridge and then jump off, rinse and repeat. Good luck:)

      • At the "City Ruins: Near Factory" point. You will see half destroyed bridge in the corner. Under it, there are usually 1-3 boars. Get on boar and drive animal off the half broken bridge. If you manage to dispose of all animal life nearby the broken bridge, or you'll have too much corpses under the bridge, then go to the roof top of the building where you start the game. Then go down. All animals will respawn and all corpses under broken bridge will be discarded.

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