Meteorite is an Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 A piece of meteor, fallen from outer space.


Effects & Uses


Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing Half-Wit Inventor (He also sells it after the third playthrough)
  • Reward for completing Popola's Errand
  • Reward for completing Storage Element
  • Reward for completing Gathering Keepsakes
  • Reward for completing Reconnaissance Squad
  • Reward for completing Data on the Old World
  • Chest in desert arena of the first fight Vs. Adam
  • Chest in Old Facility (reachable with hacking a flying machine)
  • Chest in the Gambler's Colosseum in the Flooded City with the DLC installed (in the seats around the arena)
  • Chest in City Ruins: Deep Cave (on the way to Emil's house)
  • Can be found in the Tower (third playthrough). (see note below)
  • Use Scanner by the Shack in Field of Lunar Tears.  (Take the Elevator inside the Commercial Facility before Forest Zone.)
  • Sold by the Half-Wit Inventor AFTER completing Route C.



  • A total of 19 Meteorites required for all upgrades.
  • When collecting Meteorites inside The Tower, you can do this as 9S, but it's best to use A2, as she can reach more harvest points before the point of no return. Walk her through the area, collect all the points, then return to the elevator, ride it down, then back up and repeat until you have what you need. This is also a good method for Moldavite.



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    • Anonymous

      19 Nov 2020 10:38  

      It can also be found on top of one of the buildings around the resistance camp in the city ruins prior to it's destruction.

      • Anonymous

        06 Apr 2020 07:31  

        The most early you can get all the 19 meteorites is when you are in your 2nd playthrough with 9s. You need to have the dlc "3C3C1D119440927" and go to the arena of the forest. Cleared a first time the rank 2 of this arena and do it again. Among 3 items, you can randomely get a meteorite (sometimes you will get an other rare item instead of the meteorite). In the same way, you can get complex gadget on the rank 3 !

        • Anonymous

          25 Dec 2018 09:47  

          I know this is a little late but when you get to the large area past the double doors in the tower with not 9S, you can loot those three points, two of which are always a meteorite, save in that room, and reload. Can get all the meteorite you need in like ten minutes.

          • Anonymous

            07 Oct 2018 17:17  

            I had the glitch where the inventor doesn't spawn in route C, I used chapter select to go back to route B and he sold Meteorites.

            • Anonymous

              30 Apr 2018 05:52  

              Can be farmed quite easily on route A from the chest in Desert Pit Hollow (where you first fight Adam).
              For this to work the chest must be still unopened.
              Make a save at Desert Camp - this is for convenience only, any location would work but you will need to run more.
              Go to the Pit, open chest and get your Meteorite. Now die. Yes, die. I recommend to die somewhere close to this chest because it will be easier to get your body later. Choose continue when asked. At this point you already have on you Meteorite you've collected from the chest. Run back and get your body - troll machines from above and wait for them to get close to your location then jump over or run. This method is probably safest at low levels. The chest at this point is unopened. Open it and get your second Meteorite. Now die again. Rinse and repeat til you get as many Meteorites as you need.
              I suspect it works with any chest, but the above is what I verified.

              • Anonymous

                29 Mar 2018 13:46  

                Ruta A, llegada a la ciudad después del prólogo, cerca del Campamento de la resistencia seguir el río de agua, antes de llegar al puente vial en ruinas dar vuelta atravesando las raíces de un gran árbol, llegarán a un gran campo verde, frente a ustedes del otro lado del campo verán otras raíces, subir por estas raíces hasta lo más alto, sin bajar de la raíz hacia el borde con dirección al campamento de resistencia saltar al edificio cercano siguiente donde estará una caja pequeña, siguiendo hacia el campamento verán otro edificio con una caja grande con el meteorito dentro.\Route A, arrival at the city after the prologue, near the Camp of Resistance follow the river of water, before reaching the road bridge in ruins turning through the roots of a large tree, you will reach a large green field, facing you from the other side of the field will see other roots, climb up these roots to the top, without going down from the root towards the edge towards the resistance camp, jump to the next nearby building where there will be a small box, following towards the camp you will see another building with a big box with the meteor inside.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Feb 2018 18:04  

                  Also one in Route C in the Meat box with the auto collect. For the first elevator, stand by the door on its way up.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Dec 2017 16:00  

                    Whille freeroaming at Chapter 16: God Box.
                    I revisit the Resource Recovery Unit in the Flooded City. I picked up 2 Meteorite. Dunno if its random.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Jul 2017 14:22  

                      On the 3rd playthrough, after Devola and Popla help you into the tower, you can go up and down the elevator grabbing the loot. The stuff on the floor respawns, just make sure not to go beyond the last YorHa unit at the top of the stairs. If you do you will enter a fight and wont be able to go back. Lots of Meteorite and Moldavite.

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Jun 2017 14:46  

                        Found yet an other one in the forest.
                        When you're in front of the bridge that links the first and second part of the forest, turn right and jump down off the cliff to find a ledge with the chest containing the meteorite.

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Jun 2017 08:42  

                          One can also be found on the roof of the building behind Engels, who gives you the quest Machine Examination.

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Jun 2017 21:52  

                            Old Factory, during the quest when you get back to it with Pascal. It's actualy possible to reach the chest just by sliding down the broken stair, jump to get under the ladge, then double jump.
                            Good luck.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Apr 2017 19:06  

                              The chest in the factory that contains the Meteorite can be reached by equipping a large weapon in your light attack slot. Jump above the broken stairs, walk off the ledge and slide down it while pressing into it. Just before falling off of the bottom edge do a single light attack and then double jump to grab the edge of the platform (or land on it if you timed it well).

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Mar 2017 11:59  

                                In the city ruins, a chest on top of one of the big towers holds a meteorite. Can't remember exactly where, though.

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