Pure Water




Pure Water is a Crafting Material in Nier: Automata



 Clear, pure water.


Effects & Uses

  • Pod A - Level 1 → Level 2 ( Required: 10 )
  • Pod C - Level 1 → Level 2 ( Required: 10 )


Where to Find/Location



  • A total of 20 Pure Waters required for all upgrades.


    • Anonymous

      06 Sep 2017 06:48  

      Go to Flooded City. Equip auto collect (so you dont have to push Anything) , item detect (for the minimap) and some droprate+. Now go back and forth between the flooded City and the ruins through the sewer. This will cause all 3 areas to reload the items. Add some movement+ to it and you should get at least 8 per hour or more. The sewer can spawn this item, too. When going back to flooded city, the sewer didnt reload, so just slide down.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jul 2017 04:53  

        Im so done with this. Ive been like 1 or 2 hrs trying to get 4 pure water and i only got 1 so far. Is my last pod to upgrade and is annyoing . Isn't there some other options to farm this item?

        • Anonymous

          03 May 2017 11:20  

          Best way to farm Pure water is Ch. 08-01_1 " 2B Searches for 9S " you start at the very end of Flooded City so just loot every thing until you reach the Access Point, Clear them Machines, Save and Start over until you got enough i think you only need 20 at all

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